Why watching her get her nails done is true BLISS for any cuck!

Years ago, THAT girlfriend I wrote about in the last email …

Well, she’d often go to the salon to get her nails done.

And for some reason she once wanted me to get my bushy eyebrows done too.

I’m not huge on beauty treatments as you might imagine – of course, once I FOUND The right woman to let me be a sissy, I loved it!

The head Sissy, of course. Head wanker, as they say!

“The self appointed head wanker”, but hey, I’m RIGHT on that one. There truly is NO OTHER like Mike Watson when it comes to femdom!

Done right.

In ways you never thought of before, and in ways you’ll NEVER return from.

One stop journey, and there ain’t no ticket BACK!

ONce you unleash the bitch, watch OUT. But anyway, so a GAY guy of all did mine!

And it was OK. I didnt even feel much “gay” from him – which is why I keep saying in Cuck Central and all my other books that labels are worthless.

That part is worth the entire “price of admission” if I might say so, given all the hang ups these idiot guys have about “being gay” and sucking another man’s cock.

(which they WANT).

But are not willing to acknowledge, and again, conditioning my friend.

I Cannot emphasize the importance enough, but anyway, after mine were done, we got hers done.

“Honey, you can wait outside”, said my girl.

“No, it’s OK”, I said. “I’ll wait here!”

I dont know why I said that – I didnt have any conscious plan to watch, really. . .

But the older lady spoke up (the one doin gher feet, and nails).

“Now thats true love!

And it is, really!

True sissy love watching her get pampered, nails done, feet pressed, oiled, massaged, back rubbed …

… all while you salivate, wanting to be the one doing it!

As I told Madam Jojo once, Madam, can I press your feet while the lady does your shoulders? 

The response was instant.

“Come to Shanghai now, boy!” 


and thats what it’s about.

Condition her right, boy, and you’ll never go back!



PS – Yes, and once you taste BLACK cock, you’ll never go back either, cuck. LEarn how to service those dongs right HERE.

PS #2 – More sissy conditioning here. Ooh, that cum feels GOOD on your face, boy!

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