The sweet southern Belle that left Mike Watson QUIVERING AND SHIVERING WITH UTTER ABJECT LUST – and that happens a lot, but …

This is different!

My, the speed with which things are going around here – and us getting on Audible – and all that – but first, take a look at THIS photo – she is going to be on the cover of 15 ways to give him the RUINED ORGASM OF HIS LIFE – and have him SALIVATING FOR MORE! ..


Ma’am, PAY ELAGU, how could I NOT DROP DOWN AND SUPPLICATE, MY, memsahib … JI! I even saw an Indian TIKKA (red spot on forehead, considered lucky) while uploading her photo. SIGNS FROM THE FEMDOMINATED HEAVENS FOR SURE – right PATH!

Lovely pink everywhere, reminds me of Carol, of my FIRST girlfriend in the US – well, at the time, anyway …

… on that note, we recieved a rather strange, halting – but sexy as hell audition for the book this morning, it sounded like someone was literally learning as they went along, and indeed, Madam Libby – who sent it over -was – from a tech standpoint, but from a material standpoint, as she said “all very new for her”, so her initial audition was VERY HALTING!

Then I explained it to her, read the subject matter first, absorb, ASSIMILATE – put the SEX into your voice – and so forth

and much like the natural at it I KNEW she was – it just hit me like a TON OF BRICKS that voice! – she did it!

Now, I’m tutoring her as we go along … “I’m learning as we go along” she said herself. Hehe.

LOL…ok, in dumbass terms, like explain it to me as if I’m a child, please explain to me what “checkpoint audio” means? Do I just read the manuscript for 15 minutes, and you make sure it sounds the way you want it to for final submission of audiobook? Sorry for being stupid…

This lady is just PERFECT!

And that voice reminds me SO of the Southern Belle my ex was – and as Libby says “I’m just a sweet Southern belle…”

Hi Princess (that sounds way better than calling you a “dumbass”, hehe – its ok – relax – ask all the questions you need to!) – Checkpoint audio is basically what you said, YES, read the manuscript for 15 minutes in the manner you would for the final audio book. Put spice into your voice as you are already, I think you know what I mean! Look forward to receiving it, Libby! Best, Mike (no stupid questions, only stupid if you dont ASK when in doubt, as you know! ;))



Mine –

You’re welcome, Princess – if that is OK to “say”, haha. I look forward to moving ahead.

Mike- keep doing what you are – you’re a natural at this!

And that, my friend is that.

Sometimes the stars, heavens, just align – now I know whats up with all those dreams of audiobooks I had last night, back and forth and such.

Theres more signs from the femdom heavens as well – including a MESSAGE i got on wechat from a lady I have not in a while. ANOTHER GODDESS, and her friend – like Joanie in 2018 – drove me INSANE WITH LUST! SHEER LUST!


You’ll want to be on the outlook for the audio for this one.

for now, get the BOOK if you have not already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And be prepared to be BLOWN – no pun – never! – away!


Mike Watson


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