Perfect Madam Virginia had me hooked from the word GO!

Thats what they say about vibes transmitting, eh!

I posted about this on Twitter yesterday, but I’ll write more about it now.

Yesterday, I was browsing idly through a wechat group I rarely use. Madam Sophia added me to the group – I cannot remember why. I think I requested her (politely, of course!).

(and she replied rudely. Such a Queen!)

And I dont generally use wechat etc, especially the groups, but I saw this older lady – and I felt the urge to add her instantly – like I did with Sophia!

With Sophia, you’ll recall the story detailed HERE (and in various links “linked”) – and you’ll know it took me more than two months to add her!

With Virginia?

Well, it took me two days! Hehe.

But she’s got this lovely picture of herself with legs outstretched, feet up somewhere … a picture that screams “older lady, worship me now, boy!”

And she was selling

…. ?


Paye Lagu, Madam ji!

We got to talking. I used the excuse of ‘maple syup’ and her name being an interesting one i.e. the US state to start  a conversation. Tacky, but we both knew what we both wanted!

“U add me just to say that”, she asked. 

“I heard Canada has better maple syrup!” 

I then proceeded to tell her about vermont, the border states in the US etc – which have great maple syrup too. Truth be told, I was thinking of her feet all the time!

And of course, I called her Madam.

She asked me why.

In a roundabout manner – or maybe not!

Before that, I asked if she sold her shoes.

The response was tart, even instantaneous.

“At least you wouldnt buy, boy!”

She didnt say boy, but …I FELT IT!

“Maybe your gf did!”

And true to form with all cHinese ladies, they’re all so uber dominant, she proceeded to fire off many questions all at once, without answering any hereself.

Thats an affirmation I greatly emphasize in the book on affirmations i.e. “16 Incredibly Powerful Femdom Affirmations” – i.e. she never needs to answer anything – but you do, boy!

(YES, Spanish translation still very much on the way, I gotta ask Madam Dani!)


“what ur height! whatur weight! Where are you from!”

and so forth.

I told her all that.

And then … 

“I feel you not only like older woman (I had told her I did) – but you also like BOSSY WOMAN!” 

“Are you submissive!”

Well – !

She had me hooked from the word go!

I asked her why she thought that.

“hahahhaa why would you call me Madam if you weren’t submissive. Most guys that call me that are!”

She is such a Queen, my friend, and no, simply calling her MAdam (or anyone) doesn’t mean she’ll become the Domina of your dreams – it’s about the vibe behind the words she can feel , and so can you!

Anyway, we got to talking.

About Madam.

She’s in Shanghai, that Mecca and Medina even in China for female dominance!

“U come visit me!”

Like with perfect MAdam Jojo!

Like with Princess Sherry!

I’d love to – and kiss her feet in public!

“What about Madam’s housework”, I asked once during the conversation (it was a, as she said, “happy Sunday” for her for this conversation!) 

She paused.

“I do need a male clean ayi”, she giggled.

Yes, Madam.

Housework needs to be done well!

“So true!”

Then, foot massage.

“Do you massage feet well”, she asked. 

Shyly, I replied “Madam, i think I do an OK job’. 


her reply –

“Just OK not enough! What are you really good at!”


I want to buy her shoes. Hehe.

Even though she said “my girlfriend might”.

My girlfriend?

She’d whack me if I didnt buy her anything new!

But for sissies in general like me, remember one thing – dressing up for her is always good, especially as an ayi to keep the house clean so her perfect feet dont get dirty, she doesnt need to stare at dirty dishes piled up etc, so I might buy ’em – and wear ’em!

I’ll keep you posted.

But for now, thats yet another example of VIBES transmuting.

“Madam, best part for you”, I asked. 

” dont know! You tell me!” she replied.

“You get to rest, and relax”, I giggled, “while I press your feet, head and do the housework, wash the clothes, shine your shoes” … 

… and I enjoy your foot massage, she interjected. 

Older ladies in general truly are a dream come true femdom wise!!!

And on that note – I’m OUT!

Remember – folks.

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BAck soon!


Mike Watson

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