Why YOU, cuckold, need to be GLAD And grateful for her FOOT smackin down unexpectedly in YOUR SEAT – or your shoulder … BOY!

Picture this, you salivating little BITCH. PIcture this NOW!

And as you do so, remember the below line …

Thank her for being arrogant, bitchy and dominant, bitch boy! YOU KNOW! That her RIGHT, bitch boy!

You’re watching a movie at the theater, popcorn in hand, girlfriend with you, who wants nothing to do with you sexually despite you trying. Hehe.

And suddenly – wham!

A pair of narrow, long stockinged feet SLAM down on your shoulder, upsetting that pop corn of yours. Or, perhaps on your ARMREST boy!

Naturally, you look behind you, shocked.

YOu see a young girl, way younger than you, you old, dirty fogie-cum-FAGGOT – and you see her dressed in business like attire, brown dress and stockings.

And both legs on top of your shoulder as if you were nothing but a foot rest, as if she didnt even see you were there, as if she did see, but thought, “well, thats the bitch’s job!”

To take my dirty stockinged feet!!!!

Her legs are spread wide open, and she ignores you, even if you look there, because as Madam josie and so many other girls know, “I’d never do anything”.

(I don’t with her, except compliment her for the perfect Goddess and QUEEN she is!)

And she is. Paye Lagu, Josie Madam … JI! Those large feet of yours … such an honor!!

And she’s got a tall and strong boyfriend, but anyway …

(she prefers black guys. Hehe. We never did get around to talking dicks, but guess what dick she prefers cuck, it ain’t yours! ;)).

Your girl looks behind, amazed.

“What a bitch” she thinks, and looks to you to play the alpha male. 

Tell the girl to … ah, but wait.

You like that, faggot!

And the vibe permeates and your girlfriend giggles.

The other girl may or may not listen to her and put her feet down, but your secret is OUT, boy!

And she laughs at you, so does your girlfriend, they both ignore you cuck – and that pose, with her legs spread wide open – I’ve mentioend it so often in my books!

Men do it all the time.

Legs splayed wide open. Why not women, boy?

Especially with cucks like you who couldn’t do anyting even if they tried (we all know your cocklet stays hard, but only if confronted by female soles, stinky asses, and other superior men’s COCKS!)

But growing up in India (I spent a lot of my childhood there), we often traveled by train, and I’d often see men for instance slam their foot up on the arm rest of the berth (chair) in front of them.

Incredibly rude, you’d say, yes, but they did it!

And some peopel didnt complain about it!

Mind boggling …

But YOU, cuckold, would LOVE for women to do that to YOU!

Could be those girls putting their feet up on airplane tables YOU EAT FROM!

Or, could be the Queen who put her feet up at a China starbucks and SPAT at a man who dared tell her otherwise!

Could be anything, anyone, but you know, cuck. You know!

Thats what you live for, but unfortunately, wierdos like YOU don’t attract women like that.

You repel.

And honestly, if you want to learn how to start attracting, it’s not that hard at all, cuck.

Start right here, and ready yourself to be BLOWN away!

Pun intended, hehe. No-one’s going to blow YOU!


Mike Watson

PS – PS – Learn how to worship dick right HERE, boy. Slurpie!

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