What Madam Elisa thought of the book on RUINED ORGASMS!

I’ve often referred to ruined orgasms as step #1 and yet, one of the most powerful ways to control a man’s sexual urges – and consequently, by extension , keep him docile, ready to serve and SALIVATING after you.

Keep a man horny, and on edge, and you basically have the keys to controlling him, ladies – and a lot of you KNOW this already, of course – both male and female. Hehe.

Sissygasms are step #2 on that step, and along with the MENTAL side of it make up the majority of male “orgasm control” techniques, the main difference of course being the sissy pleasure-cum-frustration the male experiences in the second dose – while ruined orgasms tiltiate and frustrate.

ANd of course, you can have combos of the two like I often do at night – and I’ve written about them as well, hehe (some call it wet dreams, but I beg to differ!) .

Anyway, our world famous book on ruined orgasms and how to deliver them is in Italian too now!

And here is another review from Elisa, a reader of the book (and the translator as well).

I really enjoied the reading, I decided to translate it since I’m into BDSM and ruined (as well as forced) orgasm is one of my favorite play. I was curious to see if my technique was good enough and it has been very pleasant to see that almost everything you said in your book was already in my standard way of managing the ruined orgasm.

Some of it was new, of course.

And she hasn’t read the book on sissygasms as yet- I dont think so, at least! 😉

Anyway, my response?

Hi Elisa Thanks a lot for the feedback – much appreciated!! Also great to know YOU are into administering ruined orgasms too. Nothing better than controlling the male of the species is there? 😉 And this is one of the best ways (through “controlling and harnessing” the male sexual urge) !Hehe. Best, Mw

And it’s true, my friend.

It’s true.

This book will spice up your sex life like NEVER before my friend.

Grab it now. And, write back and let me know how you loved it – and I’ll share your story with the world!

Best, and kisses –


PS – Here is the book on sissygasms.

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