Missing Pooja Memsahib … JI!, her CAULIFLOWER SHAPED DUMPS, and the SOUND her dump makes when it ploops in the water! Or … WHOOSHES!

Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Madam, CHARAN LAGU! Madam, you’re such a Goddess, I want to drop down and kiss your sweaty toes right NOW!

Like Bruce told me all those years ago (a certain person I knew years and years ago) –

“You’d drop down and kiss her feet NOW, wouldnt you?” 

(I was staring at a girls red toes as she walked by on the way to class …

And he was right – I would!

But she was gorgeous and young, but she wasn’t POOJA MADAM – MEMSaHIB … JI!

Madam, I just heard you outside!

“Gobhi le, matar le!”

Take my cauliflowers, take my peas!

(For those that read the book, you’ll KNOW the significance of this!).

And as Madam was shouting – I miss you so much!

I miss seeing her feet.

I miss her lovely calves in the park, makin me want to drop down and press right there!

Rubbing that lovely back, her shoulders, that gravelly VOICE commanding me to!

Madam, Goddess, Paye lagu, Charan LAGU!!!

Looking at her SOLES!

The dusty soles which got me YEARS AGO!

And anyway, as I think about all this, I miss her DUMPS too. I miss being her FOOTMAT while she’s on the THRONE – her throne.

I still mediate to her dumps and her daily as I mentioed in the book!

But really … I’ve spoken about how she would often excrete UNDIGESTED matter, and I’d know how she felt and the shape her stomach was in by looking at her lovely dump!

Sometimes, there’d be kidney beans floating – remember that time she whacked my bollocks so hard and PUNISHED me for not looking carefully at her doo that day?

Sometimes, they would be shaped like cauliflowers if she ate those before, and she loved those dumps. The most satisfying, so she could eat MORE (it cleaned Madam out completely).

And if you’re wondering HOW someone could be this BLASE and DEBASE in submission – well – you will once you REALLY submit to it!

Move aside gentle foot fetish and such – true submission is looking at HER SHIT, boy.

And submitting to her when she’s on her PERIOD!

Licking her ass after she farts!

And anyway … the sound?

Often times her dump would “ploop” in the water, and more than the turd escaping , the ploop satisfied me, and why? 

Because it LEFT her divine body!

And it hit the water, to be worshipped by me, and floated away later, like a holy offering from Madam.

My HANDS are shaking!

Sometimes, it would WHOOSH OUT – and othertimes, like the cauliflower dumps, it would BANG out, and SPLASH in the water – –  and she’d sigh a sigh of relief, and press her feet deeper into my back, and often my lower back to hurt me that little more!

And I did it for her, do it for her, and continue to.

She’s such a Goddess, such a true imperious QUEEN!

Paye lagu … Madam. … JI!


Mike Watson

PS – As my heart stops THUMPING, remember – this could be ode #26 to Madam ji. For the rest of them pick up the odes here. …

PS #2 – and the BOOKS on her HERE!

PPS – Down, boy!

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