Think, cuck, think!

And picture this …

You wake up in the middle of the night with a hard dick straining at the bits, and the most massive ORGASM ever – or should I say cuck-gasm – or sissygasm.

The cum just WHOOSHED out – in HUGE GREAT GOBS – white gobs – that you can still smell the BLEACH!

I can, I know that!

That cum is STICKING to the duster … That dusty blue cloth you use to wipe your laptop where your sissy images, girls feet, and real men cocks are stored!

As you breathe NOW, you breathe – and inhale the sweet smell of dry … LOADS!

But anyway …

The girl spoke to you FIRST.

She giggled at you.


And then she returned with her man in hand, perhaps an Asian man, I dont know – but the girl was Asian – perhaps Chinese.

Long black hair, and that INCREDULOUS, half kind, half laughing expression as if to say. 

“Can a man really want this????” 

Her boyfriend was dressed in jeans and red shoes, for some reason.

And he points his SHOE at you.

We know you watched shoe porn last night, boy! And we know a lot else, but let’s hold on to that thought for now.

That red shoe, it almost kicks you, and you kiss it.

You kneel.

And in front of him, grovelling, kneeling, you kiss his dick through his JEANS.

Over and over again.

The shaft first, and then the head, and he calms down. You don’t, cuck!

When you can’t take it, you BEG to take his pants down, cuck. You dont even see the beautiful girl laughing at you, so engrossed are you in his COCK!

That bulge in his pants – which became his white track pants, and you pull ’em down, he’s not wearing underwear.

His pubes are not “rank”, but they’re shaven, and you literally BURY your NOSE and head in the pubes, inhale that STALE sexy smell, much like Madam Carol did for me so often (she loved the jungle I have down there, like many real men do). 

Most, actually.

but he was shaven.

And you suck his dick finally – heaven for you, and his LONG cock fills your MOUTH!

He spreads his legs, starts fucking your mouth, and you beg him for one thing.

“Master, please … ” 

And you start inserting a finger in his asshole, but you realize it’s not lubed, cuck!

But before you can do the needful, you EXPLODE in cum.

He stops …

You wake up, you clean up, and then you think about it!

Truly cuck heaven boy, and then you get the most awesome dreams ever that propel you on the path FURTHER to success in LIFE.

Either cuck wise or other wise – maybe you return to your “real job” and your dreams give you insight on those.

But either way, what does this mean for you, cuck?

One, you had the most blessed and blissed CUCK-GASM last night!

Two, as I’ve written about so often, they will happen ALL The time.

Three, if you want to attract to yourself in real life, program your mind with real world techniques found in Cuck Central, and you’ll be set.

Four, and listen up, you little cuck and faggot.

We KNOW – I repeat, we know!

We know you watched Chinese girls ignoring you while they were on the phone on the sissy-top last night – and their large meaty soles, so wishing they’d dominate you!

(In the dream, I think it was Madam Ivy Bao!)

We KNOW – that you also watched pictures of COCKS and before turning your computer off, you erased history.

You hoped wifey or no0one would notice ..

They haven’t for now.

Asian cocks. Chinese cocks. Black cocks. Cocks,cock, cocks! 

Cocks and feet, boy. 



So listen, boy.

It’s best to ACCEPT it – and enjoy the bliss of serving real men and their bulbous studly cocks. We all know there is no greater pleasure for sissies than pleasuring their studs!

So, start programming your mind with the techniques here today, and attract what you want – in REAL LIFE TOO!


Mike Watson

PS – Once you learn how to attract, learn how to suck cock – WELL – to give him the best orgasms ever – using the techniques HERE – Cock Worship for Sissies And Faggots.

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