Sucking is a good habit…

This morning, I had a variety of dreams – as usual!

And towards the end, suddenly, out of the jumble of dreams which were so complex I did not even write it down – well, the other reason was … too horny! You’ll see why soon, but I saw a slim sexy side on shot of a black man – with his dong not fully erect, but I remember thinking “decent size” – and hairy pubes!

Well, the hairy pubes came later, as after that visual – I was unable to sleep for a good 45 minutes. I so wanted to be nose deep – in pubes. Both his and hers, as I’ve often been!

But I kept thinking COCK

I dont know who this black guy was, but there was a message in the dream – there is in every one of mine. Sometimes I can decipher them, and I follow through with action which always benefits me in some way. Sometimes, like an “Amazon Pay” dream I had a couple of nights ago which predicted events of TODAY – well, I couldn’t quite figure the dream out yesterday. But I did today!

Anyway, my mind was on sucking cock as it often is.

And … I dont know, I’m becoming MORE and more submissive by the day towards women in general, if that is even possible!

Even exhausted from workouts, as I see old ladies sitting around me, I want to respectfully touch their feet – NOT in a sexual sense, just to respect them.

Paye Lagu, Ma ji!

The maids, I SO want to massage their tired limbs, maybe its not a coincidence (I dont believe in those!) – that I saw the lovely dark skinned Indian maid with strong forearms I write about so much today (after a long break!). I so want Madam to relax, order me as such.

“Hath! Per! Sir!”

Hand, she’d order, putting one hand up which I’d press, then on a whim, her head – then her legs – feet  – and whatever madam wanted!

She’s SO NICE!

I can so imagine her taunting me “Choosega kya” ? (will you suck his dick, boy!) said in a humiliating manner.

She’s just too NICE, so entitled, I love her, thank you so much Ma’am!!

Much like that tutor I once had … I never saw his dick, but he was so dominating muah!

And the servants SO submissive.

Anyway – maybe its not a coincidence the other maid I write about so much – you on the list should know by now – her RED shoes were on full view today, the bottom. She never took them off in the park today!

I’ll let y’all figure these two out, in the meantime?

Madam Su – and Madam Sophia, the former being the very best cuckoldress I’ve been priveleged to have, the latter not far behind with her men from Turkey “sooooooooo sexy” … were foremost in my mind – no pun intended.

And I was remember how I worked up to telling Madam Su how sucking was a good habit!

It happened one day with her foot on my shoulder, while I pressed the other in my lap, and she giggled away.

“yes, for you sucking is a good habit!” I remember her saying with a twinkle in her eye. 

So it is, Ma’am.


But it wasn’t always this way.

I had to work up to it – even with a sexually liberated woman like Su, there was no way I could jump straight into being cuckolded despite her bringing it up on the first day in a roundabout manner. Hehe.

“I can have sex with  other men if you dont please me (translation – even if I did, hehe). BUt you can’t have other women!”

Ma’am, thank you so much for saying that!

Ma’am, thank you so much for having SEX with other men, the more you do that, the more I want to stay chaste!

No, it did not start out with me saying all this to her. That came later, after I assuaged her fears of “but you dont really love me if I’m with other men”.

In Cuck Central, I tell you that while being cuckolded as a submissive is a joy bar NONE – and thrill bar NONE as well – you have to work up to it, else you face ruining your relationship or disaster – or worse.

TRUST me on this one, the mental counts, and you have to get HER into it – the book above tells you HOW to do it.

Anyway – down the line I spoke about some cuckolding movies I saw (when I was getting Su into it).

She found them very hot!

One, a slim black dude on whom Madam was riding cowboy, a long sexy curved UP dick – and lovely balls – and he really controlled himself well in terms of orgasms, but when he couldn’t take it any more – he beckoned the cuck over, and really pounded his mouth, only things missing I thought were cuck’s fingers on his manly nipples, and in his ass – and him grabbing cuck ears while he pounded mouth!

That load of cum -my!

Hot – bubbly- steamy – much like the bubbles a pussy blew at me last night as well!

“It’s going to be a BIG part of your sex life from here on it” Madam was smirking, as dude laughed helplessly, that type of orgasm where a man can do nothing but laugh!

We often watched other cuckolding movies too – one I still remember, a lady’s boss with a lovely white penis, he was “horny again” (reminds me of what Carol once told me “you want again!” Hehe) – and used cuck’s mouth to great effect. Hehe.

The penis head, so NICE!

Anyway, to end this – sucking cock my friend, and sucking in general – ass, fingers, nipples – all of it – is a very good habit!

The  mouth should be kept busy, as Carol once told me. Hehe. She said “mouth is very busy”, but you get the drift!

And it reminds me of the sage advice Madam Candice gave me once in meme format about handjobs and making them better.

“Put it in your mouth!”

Not that I ever give handjobs. Hehe. I prefer sucking them and pleasing men with long cocks like they deserve to be!

Maybe I should get more and more submissive towards MEN too. Especially the slim sexy sorts, like I touch womens feet everywhere, maybe I should pay obeisance to their cocks too!

Come to think of it -I already do. Hence my results. Hehe.

Anyway – long dangling cocks and sucking and pleasing them are a thrill bar none, like I said – BUT, and this a huge BUTT (t, hehe).

Do it right, or not at all – or you’re not only wasting your opportunity – but doing his dong and him a disservice.

Look, most of what they teach and show in porn is NOT the right way to slob on knob – nowhere NEAR IT!

Cock Worship for SIssies and Faggots shows you the way, my friend – along with that, you’ll also want to pick up Penis Central now.

The other day, I had a meatlover’s only meal -with tons of sausages – and though they were delicious – all I could think about?

Was how they compared to DONGS! Hehe. And, how nice it would be to have an actual penis to suck while eating those sausages…


You’ll want to pick up the above books now.

And I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – Be sure, VERY damn sure to pick up Cuckold Compilations as well – along with the tales of Su and Jerome, there is MORE. “So hot”, has been the general consensus on this, people have reported cumming just READING IT.

Get it NOW.

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