She knows very well “why” …

… you want to see her FEET, boy (that’s assuming you ask nicely! ?).

And in the right way. YES, there is a right way to approach dominant women, and “Goddess dominate me pls” is NOT the right way.

Neither is asking for favors indirectly.

And the vast majority of ways most men try to do it is just flat out wrong.

Perhaps that’s why I started this site.

Perhaps that’s why I wrote the book on attracting dominant ladies to yourself like moths to a flame – because let’s face it – the vast majority of you men out there NEED IT! ?

And even if you aren’t a man, the book contains plenty of tips for you ladies too. And the best part for you ladies perhaps would be the REAL world experiences yours truly has mentioned at the end of the book (NONE of which have made to any of my other novels, which are also “reality mixed in with a dash of creative license” – not the other way around. ?).

Get it now, my friend. It truly is worth it!

Anyway, and yes, now that we’re past the selling (but really, it isn’t so much a sell as an offer for YOU which if you’re a true femdom lover you’d be crazy NOT to take me up on) …

… it’s all about her mind, boy!

As Goddess 7 said this morning.

“The picture I sent you has a lot of makeup on, boy!”

(Remember that bit about her NOT having makeup?)


Thank you so much, Goddess! Paye Lagu, for the nth time and I hope you’ll allow me to serve you much much more, and make me beg to buy more things for you – wait, salivate, beg!

And she hasn’t even sent me her foot picture as yet!

“Madam can you show me your feet? The soles “ … (shy giggle)


And that ONE line question/answer said it all.

But the makeup part first, of course. ?

“Madam, the FIRST photo you sent me had no makeup. I think for you, your mind is most important. Don’t you agree, Goddess?”


… back to her FEET … (which apparently are long. Yay!)

… “Madam, you know very well why”.

Snicker, snicker.

Words aren’t necessary.

She truly DOES KNOW WHY!!

And that to me, that innate and oh so natural dominance is what does it for me!

And the best part is attracting it on auto pilot – day in, day out, without even consciously focusing or trying!

IF you claim you “like” femdom but aren’t attracting it to you without trying – – well guess what.

You don’t “really” like it.

And you most likely aren’t THINKING the right way.

Start to change that right HERE if you so choose. It truly IS the best femdom investment you’ll ever make!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can grab some of our LIP SMACKING tales of FEMALE DOMINANCE – this time from an Indian standpoint! (India as in subcontinent) – Indian Femdom

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