Mushroom heads, or normal heads, or phimotic heads?

With all the hoo haa going on about ex President Donald Trump’s impeachment (or not – for what its worth, I dont think he should be impeached!) – I read an interesting bit about Stormy Daniels, the porn star,or the ex porn star with whom Trump has had an ongoing battle.

Apparently Madam – or Princess – whatever you call her, hehe, she’s lovely! – Daniels made the comment about the “worst 90 seconds of sex she had” and “trump perching on the side of the bed doing his best but horrifying Burt Reynolds impression, asking her if she wanted it bad enough or go back to the trailor park”, and how she was initially invited for dinner, and apparently never had it, or what not ..

Now, half of this news is pure entertainment, I bet.

Like ole Denzel said in Training Day, one of those great movies I love, I read the newspaper because it’s 90% bullshit, but it entertains me.

And he was right!

But it’s interesting …

I highly doubt Trump was the cuck – or “not” real man she’s pegged him to be. Pun not intended!

But then again, I dont know – but what I found interesting was her description of the ex PResident’s equipment.

Apparently she hated his “mushroom penis”.

And thats what this is about.

Aren’t those the sexiest ever??

I mean, yours truly sissified still remember my friend Ruebens lovely mushroom cock, that head so visible, so suckable!

Didnt Madam seen any when she was a porn star? 

Doesnt the long shaft lead up so DELICIOUSLY TO THE HEAD? 

And so forth?

I think it does!

And a lot of blowjob betties and cock fluffers do too …

And thats perhaps why MAdam Ashley amongst one got pissed at my phimotic dick. 

“Why I can’t see the head, boy!” 

It’s big, but I wonder what Daniels would have to say on that one, hehe.

Probably “sick dick”. 

But I’ll take it, hehe

She’s gorgeous, by the way – an older lady too!

And anyway, good news for YOU – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots don’t make any distinction on WHAT sort of cock it is, bro.

Phimotic, not, half way there, sexy real man cock, or cuck cock – long – short – slim – thick – black – white – colored, everything in between – there truly is something for every taste, hehe.

Pun intended.

Jump on it NOW.

More pun intended!


Mike Watson

PS – I was never huge into politics. Give me a cock anyday, hehe. Or, perhaps Daniels’s feet!!

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