Why Goddess Emma’s spare tyres are such a massive turn ON!

Well, well, well!

I’ve written about this before!

Madam never needs to be in shape – if she doesnt want to. And it’s never about her looks … or,

… Yeah, yeah, I know, I hear you say.

You’ll find it inscribed on my femdom tombstone or grave or whatever when I die.



Well, I hate to repeat it, but there’s still tons of idiots out there who judge these gorgeous women by these STUPID criteria, so …

IN any case, I spoke to Emma today.

A lady I sometimes chat with. Another one of those older and decidely not “beautiful” women and oh boy – is she a turn on!

Because she’s such a Queen!

She sent a merry Christmas greeting to her list recently, and the way she did it – – it was nigh obvious she sent that to her whole list.

“Madam, thank you so much”, I giggled in cute sissy girl manner.

“But may I say something?”

“Tell me, boy!” was the imperious response (And the silent vibe of SATISFACTION. Weve only met once in Guangzhou and yet …).

“Madam, you sent this to your whjole list” … I said.

And the response was very predictable indeed.

“Sure!! I have many spare tyres” …

“To use, and THROW”, I said with the requisite shy emoticon.

And what she means is she has plenty of men slobbering and slavin away to be at HER disposal!

Of course, she denies it.

“I am not really a Queen”, she tittered, each lovely cackle sending me into paraxoyms of delight, and Madam ji knows it!

But she is!

They all are!

And I’m happy to be her spare tyre, and worship all the spare tyres around her waist as well!

Paye Lagu, Madam ji! If only you KNEW what a Queen you are.

On second thoughts, I think you’re well aware. Hehe.

And you know it, Goddess!

Paye Lagu!


Mike Watson

PS – Read about my tales of abject humilation and being used (literally) like toilet paper by Chinese ladies right HERE.

PS #2 – Remember, paperbacks on offer too. Yippee!!

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