Why Princess Sophia should have three cuck husbands

“No, you fool! How could I ever forget you, you idiot!” 

Said by Princess Sophia, when I asked her just this “Madam – did you forget me!”

I was sitting in the HK – China ferry terminal at that point, and I felt her SLAP ME – backhanded and front – hard!


She’s such a Queen!

“I will never suck your dick, boy! I want a rockstar for that!” 

A superstar!

So she told me when I (just once!) brought it up – in jest.

And what I told her today was the following.

“You’re a true Goddess, Sophia! Thank you so much! But money is always most important!” 

She grinned! 

“Madam, I’ll never forget you! You called me the best names ever!” 

It’s funny, but no story on her – YET. Thats another one in the works …

But feast yourself on another equally dominant Sophia Bai here …

And remember, three husbands and a rockstar is her right. 

Husband #1 – cook. 2 – clean. 3 – give her money. 

4- to worship, and give her FAME!

(and she will suck the rockstar’s DICK – I repeat – worship his cock and balls like she WILL NEVER DO FOR YOU!)

Because fame and money without working for is what Goddess deserves!

Just like perfect Princess Sherry, and even more or equally Goddess like Bao Bao who LOOTED me – do!

I’d gladly be looted now. And while Sophia is looting ME, And I’m happily forking it over, lesson therein for YOU.

Which you know what it is!

And I’ll be back soon.



PS – Remember, that offer I made for Kelly and the others is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to shower Chinese queens with cash, gifts, whatever! They’re Goddesses, and NO, I dont get any of it. YOU give HER, and thats the bottom line. But you DO have to prove your WORTH first, because I ain’t gonna let time wasters through …

As Mistress Sadie told me all those years ago .

CAN YOU back up your TALK  – BOY! Send $50 NOW! And I’ll send you a pair of my dirty socks and boyfriend’s used CONDOMS if you send MORE!

And as Brittany told me.

Are you willing to fork over some MONEY, boy? I can dominate you like you deserve, and will forge ahead once funds are RECEIVED!

Both true statements.

Both Queens and Goddesses, and if you dont take this opportunity, well, you aint got a pulse bro. Either that or your a fool, I gotta say it!

Jump on this NOW. Offer only valid until CNY lasts!

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