Tribute to long penis, that HEAD (muah) and Ma’am, yet another sissy confession!

Ma’am, I dont even know which one!

But as I kneel looking at my true LORD AND MASTER – below –

I gotta say THIS.

Each wrinkle on her lovely, pristine, more precious than jewels SOLES TELLS A STORY!

And smacks me SO! Makes me so weak – oh MY!??

Madam Megan would be proud of me for writing this, or even thinking it. Muah! Oh my!  (and it’s prosaic as I was writing this, I was interrupted by some dude delivering chicken – no sausage or salami, hehe – to the wrong address. So sad, for reasons more than one! ?)

Anyway, as I shake with lust … my penis refuses to get hard, Ma’am.

Ma’am, it normally does when I look at feet and soles, but now, it just leaks furiously after YOU!


And as I keep pressing her soles, Ma’am, that PENIS I saw, so LONG, black and NICE!

The HEAD was so … just so succulent and beautiful, Ma’am, I just wanted to take his boxers down and even kiss the crotch area and thank it because his lovely long penis (some are long, some are thick, this was BOTH! ?and DANGLING!) TOUCHED IT!

I’d kiss his pee spots too!

I can smell it, Ma’am, I so want to hear my thick lips SMOOCHING IT as he relaxes, GRINS (important) – knowing how MANLY AND DOMINATING HE is, how weak his DONG MAKES ME – and Ma’am, his moans of pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!

Ma’am, I SO wanted to kiss the long shaft, Ma’am, I SO wanted to suck the beautiful head, Ma’am, I SO wanted to lick the PEE HOLE!

Ma’am, even though the balls weren’t in focus, I SO WANTED to kiss the balls, under neath them, use my tongue, and Ma’am, his stomach was so flat and sexy, Id kiss it SO!

Ma’am, it’s just like Jerome Sir’s dong!

It could be him!

Ma’am, his strong legs, to be in between them and at your soles is PARADISE BAR NONE!

And Ma’am, that is sissy confession #… I dont even know, to my LORD AND MASTER, you!


Paye lagu.

And thats that (thats an actual penis I saw, by the way!)


mike Watson

PS – Most wont understand it, but the sight of a PENIS (and soles, of course) drives all sissies into a FRENZY AND QUIVERING with LUST like NOTHING you’ve ever felt!

And Penis Central encapsulates that feeling perfectly, along with Sissy Central, a MUST HAVE BOOK! (and Cock Worship for Sissies and faggots – and DROOLING BOZOS TOO!)

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