How to get beautiful dominant QUEENS adding you out of the blue – and ignoring you – and fleecing your money!

I spoke about golden keys and good luck in the email prior to this.

And every findom addict knows what I wrote in the email title (this one) (I can barely write, so are my fingers shaking!!) – is not just true – not just the epitome of findom, but also how it should be!

And that humiliation is what it’s about – and Princess Joanie was the only one who did it so well, until Kelly!

(even her IM names include “princess.”, hehe)

She works at a factory in Shenzhen.

She’s nothing short of drop dead gorgeous, even though shes OLDER.

Might well be Carol, so gorgeous is this lady!

She took my money last year, then ignored me again.

Picture this – a lovely lady with large luminious eyes, slim red lips, and a LOVELY OVAL FACE – and long Chinese black hair – STRAIGHT! Messaging out of the blue with the obligatory Happy New Year greetings (it’s Chinese New Year right now).

I knew what Madam wanted!

I giggled back. 

Thank you, Madam, and you too! 

“Any lucky red packet”?????

Was what she asked.

Pressing the guru’s hairy legs gave me a ruined orgasm last night, and I’m about to have another one now, although she ignored me after that.

After I gave her …well, you’ll have to wait and see WHAT I gave her. Hehe. But Submissive Musings details plenty of such occurrences, with what I gave these ladies, and HOW.

(Sin City Diaries too, hehe)

But anyway, point of me telling you?

Can you IMAGINE life like this?

Ladies adding you out of the blue, literally lining up to dominate YOU?

And it can be done, my friend.

Can be done – and for my exclusive “members only circle” – – I reveal ALL.

Sign up NOW.



PS – I might even introduce some of the serious ones to Princess Kelly, whose looking for FINSLAVES RIGHT NOW!

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