How dare he cum on my face…??

Dear Reader

Over the past coupla of emails, I’ve been sharing increasingly “humiliating” instances of things happening to me  – either way back in the day – or in the present (think Madam Christina, who just messaged me late at night last night again – ah, but I’ll leave that tale be for another time!).

I mean, it’s humiliating as heck to have a lady of the night look at your “goo” with distaste (when she probably wouldn’t dare do the same with other paying customers) – – but it’s also a huge, huge turn on for those of you into TRUE femdom – – and if you’re on this list – – thats probably every one of you!

True femdom, and of course, the natural progression is “true sissification”. No more cumming, sissy, and certainly NOT in her beautiful hands – – and certainly no sex, forever, except for sissy sex!

Many moons ago, I had another one of these experiences.

I believe I mentioned the instance in the sauna before where I met the gorgeous and utterly dominant Madam Aa Ling – – who by her wiles – and her “crook” (if I might put it that way!) made sure that she took me – and kept me – at heel from the word go!

That experiences of course has been detailed in brief in Sin City Diaries – Volume #1 – – by the way, her real name isnt “Aa Ling”. 😉

And it’s been detailed in GREAT DETAIL in the very well received “Owned by Madam Aa Ling”.

Anyway, at this same brothel I once visited another girl – I believe it was either because Aa Ling wasn’t available at the time – or she had left to work in a factory – – or, maybe I just wanted to try another girl.

I bet it was the last choice – silly me – once you get a girl thats into what you truly DESIRE – you do NOT look for others. She can, of course, but you can’t as a true male submissive and  sissy!

Blame my 24 year raging hormones if you would, but anyway, as this girl was giving me the initial shower and mandatory blowjob, I sensed something was off.

Though she was doing what she was being paid to do – her heart wasn’t it at all – much like with the other lady I mentioned (her of the “cum in hand – ewwwww” reaction!) – and when I finally came – it was on her face.

On her cute face, much like I often did with Aa Ling, and I had NO idea it would spark the sort of reaction it did!

She did everything short of yell at me as soon as I did this – and for someone that just had my dick in her face – that was a funny reaction indeed – and indeed, humiliating being that she was being paid to do exactly that!

Makes no difference, of course, my friend. She had picked up on – and PREYED upon my very strong submissive vibes indeed, and funnily enough, she wouldn’t mind my cum in her mouth as much as she did on her face!

“Why did you cum on my face???!!” she almost yelled, but didn’t quite, remembering I was a paying customer.

” You could have simply .. in my mouth”, she trailed off, common sense getting the better of her – but the look she gave me?

Oh boy, the look she gave me – that look has stuck with me for more thn 15 years now – and I still remember the angry, accusing glare she gave me – and she likely would NOT have without the submissive vibe she got from me!

Those were of course my “confused” days. If it was now, I wouldn’t visit a brothel – period – and if I would – well – I’d probably do nothing except stare at their feet, hehe. Laugh if you would, but it’s the truth for us submissive sissy boys – and you know that!

It’s key to be CLEAR in your mind about what you really, really want – and thats one thing I keep laying out in “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland“. Once you do – really do – believe me – your struggles to attract the dominant ladies you’ve ALWAYS wanted to yourself will ALL be a thing of the past – – and if you have been reading this newsletter for any length of time – you know it’s true!

Anyway, the girl calmed down ultimately – but did I have sex with her ultimately?

Not a chance, my friend – and did she get PAID for it?

Heck yes. She had her cake – and ate it too – and thats what I keep saying true femdom is all about – especially in mainland China – and it is!

This, and other stories are a part of Sin City Diaries – Volume TWO – which should be out shortly. I’m about halfway through it – and I’ll let out a shout once done – be on the outlook for that!

For now, it’s adios. Until next time!


Mike Watson

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