Pressing my hairy legs, or “gurus” feet

Well my friend it’s been another one of those nights!

Lots of vivid dreams indeed. Keys. Golden and such. Lots of inspirational sayings.

And the lovely “Carol” showed up.

So did another lady …

But curiously enough, the high point of the dream and when I woke up?

Was when a GURU – a hairy legged OLD Man was sitting there.

For some reason I was pressing his legs!

I kept rubbing them.

The hairy legs, as shown in the White Elephant. So it says!

And as I pressed, this man (I think he was rich) told me th efollowing.

Pay me more, boy! And you’ll get exclusive access to ME – so you can press my legs even MORE!!

Oh my.

Could have been a lovely lady saying it too – pay for the privelege, boy!

No dicks in the movie.

No skin show.

But here’s the point – I woke up RIGHT THEN.

With a gigantic massive hard on.

And I came. It was bubbling up, and I tried to stop it, but it was so hard that a few blasts – or loads – or I should say RUINED LOADS – escaped!

Blob time, as I wrote about before.

I wiped it up with my sissy duster.

Curiously enough the night before I was imagining women pleasuring me (if I can say that!) through my sissy spot. and I could feel it VIBRATE – literally – as she pushed the vibrating dildo in further and further, and played with my nipples.

(and I was doing all I could to give myself that ruined orgasm, but then STOPPED)

Clay Burden was once told “If you can believe this, you’ll believe anything!” 

And as I lopped off, my thoughts were “if you can imagine this – you’ll imagine – and get – anything!” 

And my results speak for themselves!

True, I didnt follow one of the cardinal rules in my book on sissygasms, and therefore had to wake up … and after the load was wiped up, take a massive DUMP.

All of this, without a single finger or dildo being inserted in me, my friend.

And bliss like you never felt before without any release at all!

The release did happen later, but thats a different story, and it was ruined.

Oh my!

Hairy legs now. Whats next? Hehe.

Anyway, go here to learn all about sissygasms, and how YOU too can get to the point that you can just “imagine” all this WITHOUT touching yourself …


Mike Watson

PS – And remember, get access to the femdom GURU – one that has truly been there, done it, and lived it, and still does right HERE. My knowledge is literally priceless my friend, and you’ll get exclusive access to ME, and learn at “my feet” as it were once you avail of this. Jump on this NOW. It truly IS the GOLDEN key for you femdom lovers.

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