Why you should GIGGLE like a SISSY

Yours truly, uber macho, killer of bodyweight exercises, slayer of demons (to bring them to my Goddess’s feet), puncher and downer of many a nut job and Bozo in Southern China …. and Sissydom, you ask?

Well, well, well!

We ALL have that side we need to “release”.

And since I released my “cum” the other day to Madam Sophie, but it was a ruined orgasm, so I’m by no means done, and hard all the time anyway – and she’s ignoring me – oh my! – I wont write about that again, but the side is usually the OPPOSITE of what we show in REAL LIFE.

Some of the manliest mens out there LOVE nothing better than to release control in the bedroom.


Pressure valves and that …

And pressure aside, I remember growing up giggling with my “hand over my face”.

I dont know why I Did that.

It was a female way of doing it, obviously, and most other things I did were very macho. Very male!

But, again, that side. I’ve never been one to keep it repressed! (and neither should YOU).

And years later in China, Madam Maria told me this too (my Jie Jie).

When I used sissy emoticons, she’d giggle back with me.

“Don’t use those! YOu’re a boy!” 

But would she have said that to someone she truly thought was a sissy “really”?

I dont think so, hehe.

She knew my preferences. Ah, that LOOK IN THE EYE!

Without even talking about it, she KNEW!

And while she once told me I should run a foot massage parlor (with all my dalliances in Southern China I probably should have!) … well, the point is sissies.

Sometimes, acting like a sissy “au naturalle” is the BEST way to attract not just femdom, but females to you.

That tip isn’t there in the guide on this, but it really should be …

But remember.

This course aint about mere words or actions.

It GOES DEEPER, hehe. Much like the cock you dream about at night plowing into your INNARDS, going DEEP, hitting that prostrate like only a real cock can!

No amount of fingers or dildos can match up!

And without further ado, jump on these two courses now to learn what attracting TRUE femdom is all about – and sissy pleasure as well.

Sissy-Gasm Central. 

A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China (and be sure and read the testimonials for this, hehe. Truly a popular one!) 


Mike Watson

PS – No, the price won’t go down. If anything, it’ll only go UP.

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