Judging by the outrage you’d think I started WWIII …


All I did was post a comment, one of those off the cuff comments that often have the most impact on Twitter

Most of my comments on Twitter are “random”, in the flow and such …

And so today when I saw someone who has fully apparently “transitioned” (note, there was no mention of being a sissy or anything, simply trans) – I gotta say two things – one of which has been entirely overlooked.

One, Madam looked gorgeous!

And even if she didnt, I’d say that, but more importantly, #2?

“Get rid of the upper lip shadow, hehe, can sometimes be a dead giveaway!”

“XO” was how I ended my post. 

I truly meant the lady well.

Much like when Megan sissfies me, one of the things (and this is evidenced by a lot of my pics) – that is evident is the “upper lip shadow”.

It’s slight, not really noticeable, but to astute observers like me – and I’m sure there are others – it stands out by a country mile.

So while Megan advised me on how to wax my body, thread my eyebrows etc, there remains the issue of the slight “shadow”.


I’m not on hormones, nor will I ever be!

But when in a sissy mood, that is what strikes me the most – the upper lip shadow, and my comment was meant as encouraging, too help.

“Unnecessary and rude comment”

“Dont ever EVER make a comment like this ever again. If you give critiques like this to someone who didnt ask for it, you could flare up someone’s dysphoria”. 

(she didnt emphasize the second ever, but the way she said it she might well have!)

I must admit I googled dysphoria!

But really, the whole thing (and these are just a couple of the public comments, you should see the ones I got in private) – smacks of … well, “molly codding” and “brattieness” taken to extremes – not to mention people are WAY easily offended by everything and anything these days.

Whatever happened to good ole fashioned convo?

Instead, everything is a battleground in terms of being “offended” and “hurting sensibilities”, and “gee, that made me SOOOO depressed, and so forth”.

Whatever happened to straight talk?

Ah but wait, thats been on the decline for years now, it’s only a few like me that keep the old spirit going. Hehe.

Hey, fellas – ladies – in between’s, or whatever you identify as  –

FWIW, the comment was not meant in jest – nor was it a critique – nor was it meant to offend, and neither do I think innoccous comments like that should offend.

Kinda like when I once posted something about “I dont want to be forced to learn Chinese even though I’m in China” (i.e. beyond what I need, or what is needed for daily life, simple communication etc) …

… and I brought up the example of how in the US you can pretty much walk up to anyone anywhere and say you dont speak English, and no-one would or can say a word – at least openly, lest they offend someone.

The whole thing smacks of pure hypocrisy to me, no goose and gander.

I really think its people that are not comfortable in their own skin as yet – which hey, given the trans issue I understand.

To me, I simply say “I’m trying harder, hun!” – and I love comments like that, because they make me want to improve as a “woman”.

Not everyone feels the same though, which I get, and understand. hehe.

but hey, you’d think I started World War III from some of the comments I’ve been getting.

Everyone, do calm down. Hehe. This is good ole Mike Watson, certainly very much in favor of and not anti trans, or rainbow – so long as it doesn’t impact those who dont want in, I’m all for it!

Live and let live.

And do so in a brutally honest manner as I do in my books and courses, which y’all need to take a gander at now.

Hey, they deliver results – and the books tell you how it’s done in REAL life , and tell you real life experiences too.

Quite the combo!


Mike Watson

PS – If someone reading this gets offended, do unsubscribe. Thank you!

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