Should yours truly have started a foot massage parlor in China?

Well, as you’ve been reading, my lovely and happily married Jie Jie often told me the following back when we were chatting and flirting ‘back in the day’.

“You should run a foot massage parlor” Madam once giggled. “You’ll have all the girls you want!”

And all the massages, hehe, which I admittedly loved – not the foot massages, as I don’t for whatever reason care much for those, but the back and shoulder rubs, leg rubs etc.

I used to lift weights back then. And I had so many aches, pains and creaks that … oh my!

I still remember Wu Xiao Lin digging her THUMB into my right shoulder and giggling away as I squealed like a little baby.

And she’d massage the tension out so expertly.

Now, there is a reason I mention MASSAGE as a recovery tool from hard workouts on the other site and business – owned by Miss V now, hehe, but there is a reason I mention those girls in the book for that site.

The EXERCISE they do to build their strength – believe me – some of the girls could pick you up and throw you straight outta the window while being half your size.

And the way they massage which makes you feel like a bazillion TRILLION bucks, and of course … they hurt at the time they do it, but later you feel great.

And we ain’t even getting to the naughty parts, hehe.

But anyway …

Madam knew I already HAD all the girls I wanted. So she should have said “more”. Hehe.

And foot massage parlor in China?

Well, I dont know.

It would be one with a difference – that I can say – and as for whatever difference, I dont think any “introduction” is needed there, is it?



I thought so.

But anyway, my dalliances in Southern China are a book unto themselves, or three actually, or one gigantic “load” aka compilation and I’m just getting started.

For TRUE stories of how it was back in the day mixed in with even truer stories of TODAY, go HERE.


Mike Watson

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