Why she DELETES you off your list because you’re just not interesting enough …

And you should obviously be either!

I remember a Chinese lady a while ago (I can’t remember her name, but it starts with “B”) and she deleted a person off her list once.

After asking him for a “red packet” out of the blue (“red packet” is basically how WeChat handles users sending money to each other etc).

To be fair, and I saw the conversation, the guy hadn’t really done anything to deserve being asked for money out of the blue!

Much like a certain Madam Vicky did to me, but Princess Sophia came to my rescue, and she was right!

No Princess came to his though, hehe.

And she probably wouldn’t have, because the guy was not just BORING. He had a bad VIBE to him.

Dont know about his dick, and if he had a dicklet. He probably did! But that was probably NOT – I repeat, NOT the reason behind her deleting him …

I mean really, guys.

Girls asking you for money is NORMAL. 

And if you can’t give her money then, make yourself useful, boy! 

Make yours interesting!

Help her our business wise! 

Or simply, and many of you are not in the position to do this (and I get it – hey – I’v ebeen there) – make yourself INTERESTING!

And the last bit is BY FAR the most important.

And the most attractive in any sort of relationship, vanilla or not, and the majority of pink (pin, hehe) dicks out there FAIL miserably at it, and why they are told on HOW to do it, they either rant at women, or say “how dare you” to the guys that TELL them and TEACH them how to do it.

Yours truly cucked has a large big dick, yes.

It’s phimotic.

And not seeing the head, like Madam Ashley demanded, has never been an issue. She sucked it anyway, and I didnt beg her to!

And thats not what even guys with sexy cocks etc experience on a daily basis.

Those stories are told in the book on attracting dominant ladies to you like moths to a flame …

Princess Dani, and many others love ’em!

Especially the last bit of the book, hehe.

But really.

If your thoughts upon reading this are “Oh God, I’m being sold”, or “how dare he sell! I want it for free”, then, well, Bye bye. Buh bye, hehe.

But if you’re one of the smart ones that realizes when he NEEDS To learn, then go right HERE.

(no, it isn’t free, and it never will be).


Mike Watson

PS – My emails prior to this caused quite a flurry and people sending me angry flames. How dare I call out the pin dicks and cocklet owners for what they are – frustrated at NOT being able to get women – with a capital F, while yours truly sits in his “man cave” and attracts not just women, but MONEEEYYYYY – and we all know women love that, hehe – on AUTO PILOT!)

Funny part, I dont even give most women money, and when I do, they dont want it!

Actually, I DO give them a lot of money I should say. But like with perfect Princess Joanie, thats not the main thing.

Ah, if only the porn nuts and wankers out there would get what ladies really want, hehe. And it ain’t money! 


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