That BULGE his package makes, my!

It’s so sexy! I’ve written about this before, but as I sit here trying to decide what size of underwear to buy – since my 2mm peter got even smaller after the Vietnamese lady pointed it out, hehe – and since I like wearing “bikini” cuts these days – muah! (haha not really) … or actually, what STYLE Of underwear to buy, I kept seeing all these ads of …

… men in underwear.

How many of us can claim our eyes dont get (either sexually or not) naturally drawn to the male, manly BULGE in that underwear?

Nothing quite brings out the sissy in you as cock in front of you – so tantalizingly NEAR, yet out of reach – even if it’s plain white underwear like Rueben wore that lovely night I’ll never forget – the TREASURE THAT pops – PLOPS – OUT!


And bulges all look the same, unless you have a 2mm or less peter, of course. Hehe.

Yet, the nipples, the men, the PENISES associated with them are all so VIBRANTLY DIFFERENT!

Look, every female sole is different, Radha Ma’am’s are SCREAMING anklet at me now!


Maybe I will, if she puts her foot on my head, blesses me and permits me the honor!

But the same way, that bulge – the SMELL Of the bulge, pulling the pants down, its a different experience each time, and the COCK is different each time too!

And every cock needs SPECIAL care my friend – for it’s special cock type.

And Penis Central, my friend, is the ONE and ONLY course out there that teaches you COCK lovers how to devote special care and attention to that long thick manly organ we so all LOVE, and are mesmerized and hypnotized by!

Penis, my friend, Penis.

Once it pops out in front of you, there is NO going back!

And you know it… Hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Make sure to get Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, as well as the Sissy Reader too – they all go so NATURALLY TOGETHER!

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