How to get women chasing YOU even after you “forget” them

Well, I just heard back from a lady I haven’t in a while!

Madam Daniela, who is just so perfect, she DRIPS Perfection!

In every word she writes, every BREATH SHE TAKES!

Paye Lagu, GODDESS!

And believe me, I wasn’t thinking of her, or haven’t been more than the normal.

I last heard from her about a book a week or so ago and then nothing.

No worries!

And today I just checked email, and I saw one from her saying “she hasn’t forgotten, and that it’s just because she doesn’t have a working computer at this point that she can’t translate “Owned by Madam Aa Ling” which was the next on her list to translate!

Now, I knew this.

She told me about the computer crash a week ago, and given how Winblows is causing computers to crash globally (sound familiar???) – well – I can understand.

Not to mention yours truly’s computer has CRASHED – FIVE times over the past year.

In addition to my various sissy and cuck and other skills, I have IT skills, so I generally fix it, but not everyone can or does … but either way insanely frustrating, and as I sent her hugs, I said I  understand.

But this ain’t about her.

IT’s about YOU, bro.

I mean, let’s face it.

YOU are the one normally chasing women, dick in hand, and what happens? 

She runs away.

Despite all the dates, fancy gifts etc, she never calls back, and never shows up again unless it’s time to fleece your wallet, hehe.

Which she should!

But what if YOU could have women – even women you have NOT MET as yet – hankering after YOU rather the other way around? 

I think we BOTH – all – know the answer to that one, my BROTHER.

You would nigh on jump at it.

And you could argue that her messaging me back is about money.

No it ain’t. 

She isn’t getting paid upfront for a lot of this.

But even if she was, it ain’t about money. There are plenty of clients out there that would pay her for it too! Believe me, she’s a professional at it …

It isn’t about friendship, or my cock, or my sexiness or lack thereof.

It’s something else. Deep down inside.

And deep down inside, you KNOW you want to learn, my friend.

Rather than rant about “how dare he sell to us”, start learning NOW.

You’ll be a lot happier. That I do promise!



PS – HERE is that link again. Start TODAY!

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