I tried to hold it back, but I couldnt. I just couldnt!

And more on why Mike Watson is, as I’ve been called “the real Mccoy” of femdom – sissydom – and more!

There is a reason I set up the Watson faithfull too at the price it’s at now!

But anyway, I was looking at big black dick – nothing unusual there eh.

But it happened!

My nipples hardened, and I tried not to let the sissygasm – on COMMAND almost! – happen!

In Sissy-Gasm Central, I believe I write about (if not there, then on this site) being programmed to “cum on command” WITHOUT sissy insertions – once you get to THAT point where you can sit and just spurt sissy style – is when you know you’re a real sissy mentally!

Or, femdom wise feet – or ass – or asses – or whatever.


I didnt even touch my cock!

All I did was desperately try to hold it back as I looked at his lovely BBC! 

But they’re ALL lovely. Could have happened with ANY COCK!

And … as I looked at the thick dick, the HEAD of the cock, I just said screw it.

I flicked my nipples Nipplegasm Central style ONCE in that special manner I learnt from the Chinese ladies – and it happened!

I made a MESS.

And in my pants(ies) … I’ll post a picture on Twitter, maybe!

(blue panties no less!!)

But … I licked it up later!

But anyway, THAT is the sheer pleasure of not just being a sissy, but nipple play – if done right!

There is a very good reason I say in Nipplegasm Central and sissygasm CEntral that ALL guys should get the book (or gals) – not just “straight or alpha ” or top.

Very good indeed!

Nipples can give you bliss like never before and key to programming yourself to cum – on command!

And I’m still not done.

Despite the massive load, with NO stimulation to my cock …. I still feel energetic, and I’m off for my WORKOUT SOON!

Thats life!

And anyway, I had to say that. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Learn how to worship cock right HERE.

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