Shouldnt I be pressing my Lao Shi’s feet while she RELAXES comfortably as is her RIGHT?

Let me know!

But first, lao shi is Mandarin for “teacher”. Hehe. Any gender.

But the teacher we’re referring to here is the lovely “7”.

Perfect Princess 7, who I believe we referred to a lot in terms of black cocks, and cuckolding, and …

She’s such a Goddess!


Anyway, she posted some weird looking stuff on Wechat today. She sells a lot of things, but most of it I admit “flies straight over my head”.

The big head, I must almost admit, hehe.

A lot of “exotic” traditional Southern China stuff …

And today she posted something that looked downright scary, and yours truly wasn’t shy about telling her!

“Madam, that looked downright SCARY!”

She giggled back (this was on her WeChat wall).

“Those are mushroom! Don’t you know!”

And then a while later (I hadn’t seen it as yet) – “Michael, those are vegetables! she was referring to mushrooms that can help your health!”

Or something like that, so went the translations. She said it in HER language, of course!

Or did she?


It was English,

But anyway, I thanked her up and down. Profusely. Left right and center. Head and foot …. Foot.

“Madam, can I see a picture of your soles?”

You’ll recall she’s sent me a picture of her feet, but NOT soles as yet. Chinese girls are nothing if not SO SMART!


The sheer lust a sole can arouse in a sissy, especially yours truly sissified!

And then I made the comment about shouldn’t I press her feet?

Especially with her being my “teacher”?

Of course, I should!

But thats got a long history to it.

Madam Vandana and those lovely FEET I’ve written abuot so often.

Dusty and hot from the Indian summers, ALWAYS, the toes ALWAYS painted red.

And NOTHING above the ankle showed.

How I wish I could hold her leg up myself, foot next to her face, and worship her for hours!

I used to jerk off after school into a stained ink cloth so “Mama” (Nazi feminist Mama) didn’t know.

A cloth that was HARD from all the dried cum, most of it to Madam “Vandy”!

And then my Civics teacher in eighth grade, again BRIGHT red nail “paint” as they say in the subcontinent!

And of course, others too.

That subcontinental vibe of a guru, either male or female getting their legs pressed, feet washed like Gods and Goddesses.

I’d rather the latter.

But you get the point.

Paye Lagu … Madam ..JI!

You’re So superior, really!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up some tales of SIZZLING femdom from the subcontinent HERE.

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