Master’s salty precum, his glistening penis HEAD …

Cum is one thing. The taste of cum, and the BLAST – the MOANS – the way his balls contract – all of it is heaven for penis lovers!

But it starts way before that, my friend.

And especially more for UNCUT penises – the lovely salty PRECUM I just tasted off the tip of a penis – no prizes for guessing whose. Hehe.

Those men that are PERPETUALLY seemingly horny, the slim guys … you’ll often find “spots” near the business end of their underwear – muah! xx

And that salty precum is what makes the head glisten more than anything else.

You can use this as a warm up for the cum, to lubricate his penis more, to rub it into your SKIN – and more!

The sky is the limit, my friend – much like erect dongs.

Isn’t there something SO sexy about a leaky hard HORNY man – penis – waiting for ACTION?

Of course there is.

And if you’re a penis lover, you know what awaits you, my friend.

Penis deserves to be worshipped WELL.

It’s a lifechanging event, sucking your first dick – and right!

And the way to do it is shown in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, and Penis Central. 



Mike Watson

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