Why Fluffing is the best job ever!!!

Remember that “the site sucks” post?

And my response to Daniela saying “I love the way you said that!”

And then, “Or, should it be Mike sucks? Or Daniela? Or both!”

Now, I’m not sure if she got the double entedre. (probably did but didn’t let on hehe).

But she … but anyway, ME.

Lets talk about me for once, hehe.

That being, YES.

Mike Watson truly DOES suck!

And he sucks very well.

He LOVES being called a good little cocksucker!

In life and otherwise, a mantra of mine has always been to do what you can do best – i.e. something not even your BIGGEST detractors can either tell you not to do, or “criticize” you for.

Finding that thing is easier than you think it is – and Idont mean just fetish and sucking cock.

For example, I don’t work jobs. Never have, and when I did, I quit asap.

That whole thing about “bosses” being the best subs, hehe.

In control in life. In the bedroom, and at home?

Never, hehe.

Thats how I love it!

But if there was one job I could choose, it would be that of a FLUFFER.

To keep porn stars HARD!

Yes, some of the porn stars have trouble staying hard.

Yes, us sissies do as well when confronted with PUSSY.

But when we’re confronted with pussy, ass and lovely DICK?

We’d stay hard, leak, cum – almost on command

ALL of you reading this know that, hehe.

But … point of this is that to fluff those porn stars, love it, and get paid for it!

Just think.

So many cocks to suck, boy!

And, if possible, so many ASSES and feet to worship, and th ebest thing?

The women would get a break, an dthey’d giggle too.


Cocks, women, and you NOT fucking ‘em.

Sucking,worshipping, cock and balls, long sexy ones at that, and men that KNOW how to use ‘em, and humiliate!

Ojh – MY!

I’d do anything to suck a dick right NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – Maybe I’ll read Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots again, and remember JEREMY and his COCK. “You’re good, man!”

And though I came copiously just by sucking him off (he didn’t at that point) – if he said CUCK? I’d come right there and then!

Oh my!

Cocks are so lovely!

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