I want to be a WOMAN – so bad!

Sometimes, that is. Hehe.

I still remember (and still experience) the sheer THRILL and JOY of begging Madam Wendy, for one, to buy pink panties for me . . . (with my money, of course, BOY! ?).

And I still remember the sheer RUSH that came when she spoke about taking me to a gay bar.

And letting me fellate the men there.

Pull their jeans down, and start slobbing on their knobs like the true cuck I am . . . while she chose the BEST of them to take back home and make LOVE to! ?

And so forth.

I’ve often written about this before, of course. The most “virile” and apparently alpha males out there have a submissive side to them – and it’s so common that it is almost GUARANTEED my friend.

And therein lies a curious dichotomy about femdom.

The very same men Madam brings back home sometimes may really want to be dominated like the true cucks they are, while the REAL cucks want to dominate, and they can’t, of course.

The grass is truly always greener on the other side . . .

. . . unless, of course, you’re a switch or (as a lady into BDSM for years once told me) “you’re a kinky bottom”.

Or if you go with the flow!

I was going to write to you yesterday about the following topic.

“What do we do with women that have dicks”.

But I didn’t for some reason although I love the topic and the reality behind it!

IT didn’t feel right . . . at the moment.

And what feels right now right now is I want to dress up in female attire, and kneel at Madam’s feet, and press them as she works on her laptop . . .

. . . and make tea for her.

. . . and lick her boyfriend’s balls, and his ass too, and then hers, or perhaps hers first . . .

Or, wake up in the morning and suck “my man’s nipples” as he cumes, and pleasure him like he truly DESERVES to be . . .

. . . and more!

Have YOU ever had these feelings as a true sissy – or cuck?

Write back – and let me know!

It’s all part of what makes all of this so much FUN! As it should be, hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can pick up the HUGELY POPULAR and DEFINITIVE guide on turning into the REAL SISSY you were MEANT to be – https://spicyanderoticfetish.com/sissy-central/

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