Sucking as always, slobbing as always !

I love it!

The vagaries of LANGUAGE, and translations …

And as Dani gets done translating the latest book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”, she had a couple of issues.

Minor issues, from what it seems like, and from it seems, these issues were NOT there in the terms of the book on ruined orgasms.

Apparently the title is too long for one.

Unlike my cock is what I told her, hehe (not really) – but maybe the translated title is too long, I don’t know.

And something about pictures etc …

But anyway, I wont mention the site here, but …

“<sitename> sucking as always”, she sent me.

What she means is the site sucks as usual (and it does, to be honest).

It’s one of the shoddiest designed sites ever.

Out of the ruins rises a MONOLITH tho …

And I met Princess Dani, so it’s all worth it!

Not to mention her SUPERB translation.

You amigos and amigettes (Senoritas, hehe) will love it too!

But anyway, it reminded me of one thing.

Sucking as always?

That fits me to a T. Hehe.

Madam Dani and I were discussing cocks, as I said.

And she replied in the affirmative finally as to which one was better.

The same one, curiously enough that I Said was.

The same one at the same TIME. Hehe.

Minds do meet!

Vibes do travel!

Hopefully the “issues” with the site or what not get solved soon.

But to end this, she’s such a Goddess.

Do pick the books up – more reviews on the way too!


Mike Watson

PS – Including a review from her too – be on the outlook for it, hehe.

(She said she “learnt a lot” from the last book, and she probably did!) 

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