Keeping it SHORT – vs – LONG?

Well, my friend, it’s interesting isn’t it?

I’ve been dealing with a strange issue as of late for one. That being, some of the “auto emails” that get sent out to new users apparently aren’t going through in the manner I wanted.

Apparently the service I’m using for that has a glitch in that “only a certain number of emails can be send out in any certain automation” and … apparently it took them a LONG (like WEEKS!) time to get back to me on it!

Not the “speediest” of customer service(s)! But they’re real friendly guys (and gals) tho. So if either Zach or Kat is reading this – -thank you anyway, guys! 😉

And it’s interesting.

You can “duplicate” the email thread and then add on new emails, which is a pain, but it’s how their system works, but for now, I gotta keep it “short” or their email system won’t register it beyond a certain point, or something.

Been a while since my tech days, and I dont want to get into all that now!

But keeping it short has always been an issue for me.

Contrary to what you might think – – and Isay this in Cuck Central and ALL my books – not all cucks and sissies have short dicks!

Some of us have those sexy long dicks, hehe. Our SOs think we’re real men until we’re in bed with them, and then, of course … 😉

REAL MEN, of course have those “lovely” long dicks they use so well, and spray so well from too!

But I’ll keep mine short if possible, hehe. and locked, which is POSSIBLE!

But when I talk to lovely ladies, especially lovely translators like Dani that go above and beyond the “call of duty”?

Well, I just gotta say “Paye Lagu” to people like that! (her). 

I haven’t said it, of course. And I doubt she reads all this either!

But she IS translating my book on “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” and it looks to be a most professional translation already.

The book on RUINED orgasms is already translated, and now it’s a matter of it waiting to go live!

And I asked Madam how to say “Princess” in Spanish. I suppose my lazy ass could google it, but I’m not sure it would be accurate!

Anyway, this is basically a long thank you email, hehe.

To Dani, the guys and gals at “support”, my web hosts, and all of YOU, really (even those of you that repeatedly “almost” purchase our products but then abandon the cart, hehe). 

YOU make it all worth it!

And Im out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember, we’re still holding the cart for you (for the few people that did “add and abandon” last night) – but that won’t last forever – so HURRY! And as always, contact me in case of ANY issues – I’ll usually listen! 😉

PS #2 – Any mention of Princess wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ravishing Princess Joanie – Paye Lagu, Madam ..JI!

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