Madam JI, on her stomach, and those perfect FEET – and SOLES!

That pose is yet another one in that longggg (very long!) line of poses that JUST DOES IT for me!

IT just does it.

And it’s so natural, much like the other poses, and the best part?

She’s not even AWARE (well, consciously – subconsciously Madam IS AWARE and then some) of the dominance it evokes, and the submission too!

You know the pose, don’t you?

On her stomach, on the bed, with feet crossed, ONLY the calves visible, and as I hear Pooja Memsahib JI holler outside – and indeed inside – I remember it!

That was AND is a favorite pose for Pooja Madam.

Even when she lied down on the park benches, she would show her calves and ankles … and SOLES!

What a Goddess!

And my first thoughts upon seeing those feet – and soles – and Madams smile?

Well, she wasn’t Chinese. Or maybe she was!

Indian-Chinese, perhaps, I’m not sure …

But she was on the bed, on the phone.

For a “comfortable Mattress” ad or something.

Madam, can I press your feet?

Madam, can I fetch you something?

Madam … JI … PLEASE take my MONEY!

And more!

IT just makes you want to DROP down and worship, does it not??

Much like the sole shot THAT real estate agent, and yes she was Chinese gav eme a couple of years ago while Iwas coming back from an outdoor workout.

Sitting in a chair. Even the calves were NOT visible.

She was on the phone.

Head sideways, so I couldn’t even see the full face, but do I need to?

Sissies and footboys should see her SOLES, boy!

As Madam Susan said.

Get to know my soles better … boy!

And THAT ONE “bent” sole.

That one sole shot!

I would have given her everything if she had asked then.

I would have dropped down, debased and humiliated myself, and worshipped, and more, but you know this!

And more.

And thats what I gotta tell you about – that, and oh, pick up the story of Madam Carrie right here – another real estate agenet (well, she WAS that – now – no!) who was equally if not MORE dominant and sure did put me through my paces, and will do the same to YOU TOO.

If you’re wondering who introduced me to Madam Susan, wonder no more!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the Madam Carrie series along with a few others on our “Chinese femdom COMPILATION” page. Truly value grab!

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