Sissies, servants and sexy foot poses . . .

Male sissies and servants, of course! ?

And sexy FEMALE foot poses.

I wrote to you about the wet dream I had last night, and the MAN that I was in the dreams, which to be honest occurred towards the end of it.

But the “Build up” to all this?

Well, it happened entirely by chance.

My S.O. and myself were in bed.

Or should I say I was on the floor, and she was on the bed in a position she normally wouldn’t be in!

It reminds me of what Madam Alexa so sagely told me once.

“After I’m asleep, you can stop massaging me, boy! Go and do whatever you want, but don’t disturb ME!”

(Even if that whatever involved me sleeping on the floor, hehe).

Madam Pearl didn’t issue any such edict, but then again I’d be pressing her feet for hours every night anyway, and she’d be SO fast asleep and snoring (she was a solid sleeper as opposed to yours truly anyway) that she’d be sleeping the “sleep of the dead” and when aided by a good foot massage for hours, well . . .

Ditto for Madam Jojo . . .

Anyway, so while on the floor, I was preparing to go to sleep.

And I noticed it.

Something that kept me up intermittently over the night, and the next few hours at least, and NO DOUBT led to the explosive wet dream later.


Or, more specifically, one foot dangling with the TOP of it visible, almost as if Goddess Priyanka were to make me squat in that oh-so-uncomfortable “Asian squat” position and make me press her feet for hours.

And the other, casually splayed out, the owner of them feet asleep, and the sole, that lovely SOLE, staring straight at me!

As so many other female soles have in the past!

I remembered right then what Madam Susan told me, and something that has been imprinted on my subconscious ever since.

“Talk to her soles, boy! Get to know them better than you would YOURSELF!!”

And as I stared at her feet, my S.O. noticed.

She was half asleep, and a tad irritated.

“Massage, boy!” she ordered in a voice caked with sleep, and I started pressing foot #1, as foot #2 stared at me for the better part of an hour.

Around 3 AM or so, I went to the other foot.

And my Madam kept sleeping through it all, IN That same position.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity she twisted and changed positions.

And I went back to my own position.

And finally fell asleep, until I was woken up by . . .

. . . ah, but we went there, didn’t we? ?

And that’s the fun of it all! Hehe.


Mike Watson

P.S. – For true tales for foot worship and female domination done in a way only Chinese ladies can (and they’re by far the BEST AT IT, boy!;)) – go HERE –

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