That sheer RUSH of submission, and being USED . . . and ABUSED!

Like I deserve to, of course!

Or, depending upon whose reading this, as is your station in life . . . BOY!

Could be a deep masculine voice saying this . . . ?

Or, it could be a sexy, commanding voice saying this as I am at her feet or below it . . . as she stares straight at me!

Or, as the owner of the deep masculine cock plows inside of me with his big thick and preferably curved BLACK cock!

Dripping with sweat and pre-cum of course, as Madam Susan and Madam Carrie’s lovers often did . . . the first because they got home after a tough, tough workout at the gym and we all know how a tough workouts makes any REAL man feel, eh? ?

Even yours truly “cucked” feels hornier than ever after a great workout, and IS feeling that way now.

And WAS feeling that way during a post workout shower, as he imagined (she?) sucking Madam Su’s lover’s cock after a longggg workout . . .

Bending to my task, taking his pants off, and “shaking him free” after a workout, waving the few stray pubic hairs away, and truly going to work on his cock head, preferably with a cold beer (for him!) in hand . . . as he relaxes, and enjoys a long overdue blowjob.

And of course, maybe prepares to take me later . . .

Those grunts, those moans, those MANLY thrusts, as I’m the PASSIVE recipient!

And aside from the mental side of it, or as part of it, THAT is what turns me on the most about any kind of submission!

That feeling of being used and abused, and enjoying it.

The feeling of SURRENDING yourself completely (something you’d never do in real life!) and ENJOYING IT!


From a mental (most important) as well as a sexual standpoint!

The person that “quit the newletter because it was too gay” would do well to understand the distinction between the two, my friend.

Though I was always a femdom afficiando, in recent years, I’ve become an equal lover of maledom, and male COCKS . . . and serving them like the true sissy I’ve morphed into.

And that’s how my female half prefers it, in more ways than one! Hehe.

I should say S.O, but you get my drift. ?

And it’s all got to do with mental conditioning my friend.

Sex truly is more mental than anything else; and BDSM is NO DIFFERENT.

If anything, it’s even more cerebral, and on that note it’s adios for now. I’ll be back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – To learn more about how I was used, abused and tossed aside mercilessly by a bevy of beautiful, sexy, and NATURALLY dominant Chinese GODDESSES – click here – –

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