Why Cinderella loving sissies have not one, but many size CONUNDRUMS!

Even yours truly, TRULY sissifed couldn’t help but do a bit of a manly snicker upon reading this one before I reverted to type (which is reading and leaking, hehe, when I’m not sucking and fucking (being fucked!)).

Suckie suckie fuckie fuckie should be a sissy slogan for the AGES!

But anyway, the story of Cinderella itself is, or should be a fantasy for you cucks and femdom lovers out there in general.

A young pretty girl being forced into slavery by an evil stepmother.

The BollyWood movie that I wrote about in the “Paye Lagu Ma Ji!” post was a perfect replica of that story, right down to locking Cinderella (the Indian version) in a cellar, burning her soles etc … And when the prince wanted HER and not the sisters they did all they could to stop here …

“Anmol”, I believe was the name of the movie, if I go by memory … it’s been a long time, but sissies sometimes have the memory of elephants.

But not the massive swinging dicks that go with “elephants” (studs), hehe.

And on that note …

Sissies have many size conundrums, just like real women, which makes it so sexy!

And the humiliation, of course, which Princess Krystal knew and exploited to a T when shopping for lingerie with me!

We’d go hand in hand together to the mall.

So perfectly made up was I (and I’m in shape, so) … that I looked like a real woman .. almost!

And until I spoke, hehe, which drove the sales ladies into PEALS of laughter, and which I enjoyed.

Especially when Madam used that electric butt plug I spoke about, and made me dance about on whim!

I can still feel the tingle!

Anyway, I’ve written about the “your tits are bigger than MINE, bitch!” thingy before.

And that was one conundrum. Choosing the size. Hehe. Ditto for panties!

But anyway, another size thingy for sissies?

Those lovely long and thick cocks we love to worship so much, and the Master’s that go with them 😉

REAL men that satisfy “our” women, hehe. Or our owners.

But while women know all about the ‘too big’ thingy – sissies need to as well!

And remember – the anal area I speak about so often is a very delicate area and it was NOT, I repeat NOT, meant for anal “invasion” by giant elephant cocks!

And even if the man has a small cock – well – you better prepare yourself, boy!

And use plenty of LUBE, for one!

Remember, that area was intended to be a one way street – going OUT!

We’ve inverted it, sure.

And sissies do it all the time!

But remember what happened when Ms. Priyanka introduced Kendrick and Leroy to me for the first time – it was PAINFUL!

She didnt know much about weaning sissies in, hehe, and she thought since I could take the rest of the stuff, I could this too!


Anyway, Madam Learnt, with me at her feet teaching her when I could finally walk and squat, hehe.

Took a while though!

The key and the point I’m trying to get at here though is this – fantasy is GREAT.

But as always, mix in with CAUTION, and dont get carried away and swept away by the “head winds” – pun intended!

SSC, as I alwasy say.

This, and many other sissy tips are included in Sissy Gasm Central. Be sure and grab it now.

Well, my fellow femdom lover, thats it for now. I’m off to do laundry, hehe. So many clothes to hang!


Mike Watson

PS – “Do the laundry first, boy! Make sure you do it WELL!”

That was Princess Sophia, her of the “I’ll never suck your dick, and you can never touch me, boy!

And the one and only lady that humiliated me a LOT out of the blue, and enjoyed it!

Anyway, I haven’t written about her as yet, but for another even more dominating Sophia – well – look NO further than Sophia BAI – boy!

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