The bulge in the blanket that almost didnt let me sleep last night!

That bulge was mine. But it wasn’t serviced, hehe.

What do I mean?

Well, lets imagine this.

I’ve spoken about women being tired and exhausted, and collapsing into bed – legs spread wide apart – comfortable in the knowledge that sex is NOT required to be given, and service WILL be gotten! – and uber comfortable with the cuck pressing their soles all night long as they sleep … undisturbed, relaxed and COMORTABLE!

(while the servant of course works hard!)

Now, reverse the gender.

And I’ve often spoken about how I once came to my friend (Rueben, him of the lovely white cock I’ve written about)’s soles!

He was drunk, I believe, and as he staggered into the bedroom at 6 AM, his underwear and ass on full display, I wanted to take it off!

And while I didnt suck him off or lick his ass at that point in time, I do remember another night when yours truly was drunk, and I massaged his feet, as he lay there, snoring, pretty drunk too.

And I came to his soles. I doubt he knows it even today!

One of the things that was never spoken about …

But anyway, and here’s the point …

Last night I was thinking about a man relaxed.

Master Jerome, perhaps, those lovely SOLES staring at me.

Meaty, MANLY, unpedicured soles, strong legs, FLAT STOMACH, and of course, that long curved COCK!

As it lay there tired on his balls, I’d suck it.

Lick gently until the tip of his cut cock!

Stick my tongue into his peehole.

Blow on his succulent DANGLING balls, and take each in my mouth gently.

I’d beg (normally) to lick his ass first, but remember, he’s tired and not in the mood for BDSM!

And as he lies there covererd in the blanket, the bulge rises, rises, and rises!

At that point he either mouth fucks me, or does what he likes. Has his stud like WAY with me! 😉

And after he’s done with my mouth and ass, yours truly sissifed would fetch him a beer, and press his feet, as he slept there.

This scenario has repeated itself, of course, multiple times with perfect Madam Su there as well!

But you know all about that, hehe (or at least readers of the Sophia Bai series SHOULD KNOW – and if you dont know – well – DROP everything you’re doing – andRUSH ON over to the order page now because Su truly WAS the best cuckoldress ever – and still is!).

Point being, there are so many ways to worship a cock, and make him feel like God.


A superior MAN!

A real MAN – and is there anything sexier than him on his back, legs spread, cock pointing skywards … and being SUCKED?

IT hink not!

Not for sissified males, cucks and faggots at least. Hehe. Madam Su often sucked him off too, of course! We shared that cock … 😉

But anyway, this and MORE (these and more I should say) techniques of worshipping COCK like it deserves to be by sissies and faggots are mentioned right here – Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots. One of those “too hot for Amazon” courses, so grab it right now!


Mike Watson

PS – Here is where you can pick up another steaming hot compilation for cucks – Cuckold Compilations.

PS #2 – That long hose, pointing skyward, so smooth, so sexy. Can’t get it out of my mind! 😉

PPS – Master Jerome, your salami is FOREVER etched in my mind. As you said with your foot on my thighs, the view is DEFINITELY better from down there, boy! Thank you SO MUCH!

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