Why I’ll never forget Goddess Jassy, and what when she does NOT (initially at least!) like your foot fetish!

I’ll never forget Janet too.

Madam Janet, admittedly gorgeous, making the comment about “those weird foot fetishists that like sucking toes!”

I wrote about that here of course ,and having an open mind (about the importance of it).

But anyway, though It old her that, she didnt get it.

Anyway ….

Last year, I believe it was, I was engaging in one of my early morning hiking workouts.

Those that know me KNOW I HATE to be disturbed during my workouts.

Yes, even if it’s ladies doing it which is often, and even if they’re lovely and have lovely feet etc!

When I’m working out, I’m working out – period. When I’m serving HER – I do that. Period.

Focus, my friend, is key to accomplishment in ANY sphere of life; femdom included!

But anyway, I saw this girl looking at me as I was making my way up a hill.

A lovely lady, dressed in denim shorts and a red (or some color, I believe) T shirt, and I still remember those lovely nails painted purple!

The feet were shod in pink / green (lime) shoes … so I couldn’t see her feet, but Im pretty sure they’re equally lovely. Actually, she sent me a picture of them. They are!

And later, I’d get to know the following.

“Purple is my favorite color of nailpolish, boy! Not red!”

But anyway, I said hi to her upon seeing her again during the same workout.

Was it a sign from the stars?

I will never know, of course!

But I spoke to her. She asked for my WeChat. I gave it to her, And we got talking.

The specifics will probably come out in a book later, but I learned one thing from the GET go.

Or two!

One, money is the most important, boy!

If there is one thing she kept asking me … it was about MONEY.

Can you support me in the manner I deserve … BOY!

And the other thing was she was pretty feminist too. Bordering on Nazi feminist, and she admitted it too.

“Yes, you’re right”, she once told me. “I have bit of this in me!”

But her past history, an abusive husband and family etc … I get it!

Well it’s not an excuse.

But it’s a reason.

But anyway, she asked me the following once.

“Do you have foot fetishism?”

Yes, Madam! It was obvious, but …

“I dont like it! I think she is dirty” went this gorgeous lady. So gorgeous was she that probably only Carol is ahead of her in that race, but not by a lot!

And those fingers, those sexy nails … oh my!

And as she posts pictures of herself working out?

She’s lifting pink dumbbbels. She’s getting her shoulders massaged after every set!


So nice and sexy, and she’s not skinny either!

So Madam, I’d recommend two things for her.

One, to read “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” – yes, – even tho SHE is a LADY!

The mental part of this applies just as much to women as it does MEN.

And probably Submissive Musings as well, hehe, to pick up more findom tips (which she’s great at anyway).

And last, but not least, I’d gladly press her head or shoulders too initially if she doesnt want feet!

Most girls do.

Some dont.

Thats fine.

She’s so gorgeous that I’d have dropped down and licked the dirt of her tennis shoes that first day we met. She probably has the same feelings about me, except NOT in terms of submissiveness obviously.

She once made this comment when I volunteered to write a book on her.

“Our story is too short to write a book, boy!”

Is it?

I Dont think so, Madam!

Paye Lagu – you’re a Goddess incarnate and then some!


Mike Watson

PS – Although I didnt write about her (and Madam Joyce, the ULTIMATE QUEEN is another one I haven’t written a book on yet) – – I’ve done so on plenty of other girls, and they all deserve it. Go HERE to check out my stories on Chinese femdom!

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