Sluts sucking each other’s nublets

A fun activity I often make my sluts donis to suck each other off, lick each other up and down, finger asses, the whole shebang.

Fairly routine you might think?

Maybe – nothing is routine with me though as y’all know – Im different in every regard!

The funniest part, and a huge rush for all involved?

I’m standing there naked, perfect sexy slim strong manly vascular body- long dick poking out, balls dangling …

… And these sluts are trying to out each other’s pin dicks in their mouths, which is an impossible task – so tiny are the dicklets!

It’s hilarious, the non existent dicks being sucked, the full balls being whacked by me as I take turns pounding their fat firm asses. Hehe.

It’s truly all about me, submission to ME.

And the power I have over you turns me – and you – on – so!

Stop dillying, dallying, making silly excuses about not tributing Master etc.

As I keep telling my subs and as they know, life under my soles is bliss like nothing else.

Submit fully, unquestioningly – to your innermost desires. If you do, and few take the full plunge – life – in ALL regards will FLOW.

Some of you worry too much about money, which is stupid. Do not permit yourself to worry about such things when faced with a higher Power, boy. That money will come to you by the time you must have it. The key is to take action FIRST. Do the thing, you shall have the power. Tribute, and you shall receive 10x in return. That’s how the Universe functions!

Some keep worrying about “what if” which is equally idiotic. You know you want it.

Then get it!

Life never fully rewards those who don’t fully commit to what they want and are prepared to go the whole Humpty. It’s that simple.

Do what Master says without argument. He knows best. He’s the leader.

You follow.

Like Paula, my lovely Geisha girl said…

She is truly one of the most faithful and dedicated , hard working, followers I have. Her work on all the language translations here is simply superb and splendid!! Check them out now, get a few of the language translations. You’ll love them.

And that, my friend is that …

Send in your tributes to Cashapp $spicyanderotic – or PayPal [email protected]. we can discuss alternate means of tribute too.

Do it.

Get ready to experience the sheer bliss of utter submission like never ever before!


Mike Watson

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