Paye Lagu, Malkin!

There are some ladie sthat just HAVE it.

Perfect Madam Susan for one.

The ravishing and imperious Princess Joanie that hooked me from the word GO.

And of course, Indian femdom wise, Ms. Priyanka, Garima Madam, and of course … the PINNACLE on that very worthy heap indeeed – perfect POOJA MADAM JI!

Paye Lagu, Madam ji!

In the FIRST installment of Serving an Indian Goddess, or maybe the second, I dont know, she made her way into the story as an Air India air hostess.

An overweight, rude air hostess that was tired of her job, and hated it.

And Pooja, Madam Mansi, and of course the lovely and venerable Ms. Priyanka did a fine, fine job of making youts truly MOO.

One of the most humilating experiences ever, and I’ll be sure and mention it in Volume #2 of Humiliation Central (for now though, gorge yourself on the FIRST Volume – Princess Joanie did it in her own way!).

But this wasn’t the Pooja I talk about so often.

I heard her again this morning …

That harsh, gravelly voice.


That LOOK INT HE EYE and she sits there, yelling at you, apprasing you!

What a Goddess she is, and an older Goddess at that!

Paye Lagu, Madam, is what I want to say every time I see her sitting here, rolls of FAT bursting out of her sari, which is always hiked up to mid calf, and the FEET always visible, and usually the dirty soles too!

In fact, she could make me her puppet, and I’d still crawl back to her after doing whatever it is I was.

To pay obseiance to her.

To show her RESPECT.

To kiss her soles.

But most of all, to grovel in front of her and be OBESQUIOUS to an extreme!

Because guess what, she deserves it. They all do!

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji. You make it all worth it!


Mike Watson

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PS #2 – A great little book is on Indian femdom RE-COLLECTIONS – blasts from the past (cum, I mean, pun not intended hehe). Check it out HERE.

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