My place is always UNDER, not “at” Superior, Perfect Madam SUSAN’s FEET!

Memories came flooding back today.

Big time!

I saw a post on Madam Susan (yes, THAT imperious lady who drilled home what I already know since birth probably , that being “talk to her soles, boy! Not Her!”) today on Wechat.

And this perfect lady posted something about some new piece of software which allows her to manage her teachers better (you see, Madam is a boss… always is! ;))

A boss at a “learning center” in China. And of course, she didnt post “all teachers”.

Just the foreign teachers, hehe.

And she’s right!

“Madam, you’re so perfect”, I wrote (publicly – I couldnt help it!). “Don’t control those foreign devils too hard. They may cry”.

I was about to post about controlling me, but refrained.

But vibes don’t refrain!

The gorgeous lady sent me a message on Wechat – in her inimitable “older lady” manner.

PAYE LAGU, Madam Ji!

Is what I wanted to say with true love and respect to her “hi how are you” … and as I scrolle dthrough her wall, I saw pictures. Of something I haven’t seen in a while!

Of her and her friends …

Seated on a boating trip. All showing their SOLES OFF in the picture!

OF course, that wasn’t done for foot fetishists, but it’s the casually done stuff that means the most, and looks the sexiest!


And of course, there is ONE man amidst all the girls. Hen pecked, and if I was ther,e I’d be worshipping ALL Those pairs of soles – all the time – much like I did during those heady times with Madam Carrie, Miss V, and perfect Madam Susan, perhaps the most perfect of them all!!

And I’d love it!

She’s thrown me for a LOOP. Those soles, I still remember them!

Big. Bare. And COMMANDING!

The other soles aren’t far behind, but I’ve had the privelge of serving her, so …

And this is yet another ode to this magnificent older lady, and I wish her all the best! (an dhave on wechat too).

She’s the best.

She deserves the best.

Paye Lagu, Madam … JI! You’re truly a GODDESS!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the Madam Carrie series NOW – and another one (for you TRUE femdom lovers) is the “Krystal – the Teaching Assistant that was anything bUT” series. Both solid reads and both started out as one book,and extended to a ton of sequels. GRAB – ASAP – NOW!!!!!!

PS #2- One of the pictures was perfect Goddess Susan relaxing on an easy boy, stockinged feet on full display. Just one leg. Just one sole. OH – BOY! Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

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