Giving money to girls is SO NICE! It’s such a nice feeling…

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Giving money to girls is SO NICE! It’s such a nice feeling…

Spicy Erotic

That really, to me encapsulates it!

It’s not even about findom – which of course is a huge, huge rush for not just me, but most submissives!

But I dont know, the past few days, this older grey haired Indian lady that works for me, she’s been working for me for a little over two months, I believe.

She comes, go, quietly … my S.O. told me the other day when I was out for a workout “she was asking about you”.

Thats interesting!

She’s working as a maid for my current S.O, actually in “her” house – so it’s a matter of me visiting her, and when this lady came, initially, my workout times were different, so I saw her daily.

Now, non fetish wise, I dont interfere much in my SO’s life. She sees fit to employ maids etc, thats fine if she wants to, and the two seem to get along fine too (which apparently is a huge issue for my S.O.).

But …

This lady, there was something about her.

Professional, that ramrod straight back, that sexy WAIST of hers I noticed, just like the Chinese girls working at the massage parlor, strong arms from a lifetime of physical labor, and I wrote about this earlier of course, Madam gives massages also!

Now, curiously enough, other than the usual sissy thoughts about her, nipples etc – I haven’t thought much of her at all.

She’s nice.

And there’s that spark – I’ve seen her checking me out of the corner of her eye.

She’s fit, I’ll say that – thats what I noticed initially!

But I dont know, this morning I had a dream.

There will be some major changes in my life the Next year, which I’m sharing only with YOU – my list.

And while I do not know what that change is as yet, I know it will be a good one!

And a tumultuous one, maybe.

Yours truly, always the nomad and traveler as he’s been called!

And along the way, I make some good money selling my products, books, manuals, trading in various items – etc!

And this money, i dontknow – every time I have it!

Somehow, it finds its way into the hands of a GIRL.


Could be Madam Pearl – now that was pure LUST!

Could be Princess Sherry – LUST mixed in with … I dont know, I just liked her!

Pity she cheated me.

Not good business.

But I still write about her so much, I’d press her legs and thank her anyway for it!

Then of course, the femme fatales in Volume Three – I’ll let YOU read that first!

Or, could be my current S.O.

Or, this lady that works for my S.O.

Somehow, I have a feeling nothing sexual will actually happen.

Somehow, I have a feeling I’ll kiss her goodbye, maybe in a nice sissy manner, hehe.

And probably give her something as well as I go…

Those are the thoughts for the morning.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

P.S. – For you findom lovers, Submissive Musings in Mainland China is a MUST GRAB. Along with that, do get Sin City Diaries too. You will love it!

(and yes, all true, like my other writing).

Oh and before I go, I hope emails (newsletters) are back up soon. Fingers … CROSSED! But sales and sign up emails are going up just fine, so make it a merry, female dominated Christmas this year by investing in- or GIFTING – they make an unique gift!! – some of our books and products, and starting to implement too!

May 2022 be even more female dominated, hehe.

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