You’re not important, BOY!

Part (not all, part) of the reason I love Chinese ladies so much is that they have an inbuilt radar that takes them straight to not just FEMDOM, but FINDOM as well!

Could be Madam Pearl. Could be Su. Could be perfect Madam Sophia Bai (I will take your money, boy, but I won’t lend you any!)

Could be Madam Venus.

I like money more than MAN, boy!

And could be any of these lovely ladies, really, for whom men might as well not have a dick as far as they’re concerned.

Except when they want sex, hehe, and even that ain’t too often (Madam Ann for one). Hehe.

But the credit card … they all want it, and I love them for it!

Anyway, just spoke to Christina, that lovely lady.

And of course, as always, after the initial pleasantries she sent me a couple of photos that sent my blood SOARING!

SHEER ATTITUDE, that look in the eyes, what perfection!

And I wasn’t shy about telling Madam that.

Most guys would probably empty thei rbank accounts right there and then! 😉

But she wanted me to teach her English for free – again (that is a story most of you this list remember I’m sure).

You see, foreginers in China dont have money, boy!

So get what you can out of them.

USE and ABUSE – much like toilet paper, and I love Christina for it, and told her that!

Or, Madam Vicky.

“I’m busy, boy!”

Never too busy to discuss MONEEEE though, hehe, provided it’s been handed to her.

“Madam, I’m just not important enough”, I told her and she giggled.

She knows.


And I think now she knows I know, hehe, if that makes sense, and the entire dynanic is such a turn on!!

And she replied with “Exactly!” and a giggle.

No “boy”.

Left unsaid, and its what left unsaid thats the sexiest!


Mike Watson

PS – Submissive Musings, all three Volumes (more in the future, stay tuned) are based upon many things, but findom is an overiding theme. Get SOLID real world lessons on how to be expertly Fin domme’d right HERE.

PS #2 – But of course, you got to FIND the right lady first. And how to do that, almost on auto pilot is detailed HERE.

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