Have YOU Ever switched?

This is an interesting one to be sure!

But as I remember what I thought about this morning when I woke up, I wanted to write it.

I thought about none other than Madam Carol, that lovely lady with the loveliest smile I’ve ever seen, the eyes that always twinkled with MORE than a degree of “curiosity”, that innate intelligence, that sexy and understated femdom (which she learnt about first from “Hong Kong magazines” and then me”), that lovely hair, that soft skin, those soles, that SMELL!

Oh boy.

That’s quite a poem on her, and maybe I should send it to her. She’s married right now, but she probably wouldn’t mind a poem!

But anyway, and this is in continuation of what I wrote in the last post.

When I first met her, I had NO INKLING of how my life was about to be TURNED UPSIDE DOWN AND THEN SOME!

It started off as friendship. Purely that, and nothing else (I was talking to Madam Gini at that point I believe, or maybe that was tapering off).

But purely friendship my friend. And nothing else.

In fact, and she got “pseudo-annoyed” at me once – I almost forget her face once in class (she was a student of mine).

The student that then became the TEACHER, of course. ? And that learned English so quickly that the other students were ASTOUNDED!

Anyway, that’s enough on that front, but it progressed from PURE friendship into much, much more …

… And while the reasons for that were different, and it happens probably once in a lifetime (that sort of attraction was something else, believe me! It still SHAKES ME TO THE CORE the feelings I had during that relationship!), the point stands.

Now, HERE is the reason I’m writing about it.

In “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”, I write about some of these experiences.

I wrote about the eternal “are Chinese women from the mainland REALLY the gold diggers they’re made out to be?”

Or are they just PRACTICAL minded?

OR a mixture of the two?

OR … and it’s a contentious issue, I know!

And one I’ll probably elaborate on in future emails here too.

But for now, that section includes my experiences with Carol. Perfect Carol!

And many a times, I’d SWITCH with her.

I have no idea if this is true, but in certain regards she enjoyed being a bottom.

I still remember that one night when my feet were on her soft thigh, my cock deep in her mouth … and her hands on my balls and nipples. That was on the floor of the kitchen no less, and the window was right there, and it was a first floor apartment no less!

But it was nighttime. Folks couldn’t see in.

And as I came, I erupted like never before.

Cum was literally everywhere and as she stood up, apparently it had made it’s way to her hair too.

“Oh, your … “ she giggled, while brushing it off.

And it was HER birthday! Not mine, hehe.

Birthday night, so to speak.

Anyway, I was truly deeply in both love and lust then, and that was one of the times I switched. And enjoyed it!

And here is the FINAL MONKEY WRENCH in all this.

I truly DO believe that a GOOD sub must experience the “other side” once in a while!

And the reverse too.

Every GOOD DOMINA, every REAL DOMINA KNOWS – herself (or himself if we are talking maledom) what it means to SUBMIT.

How it FEELS.

And vice versa.

What you ultimately do most of the time is another story, but I truly believe that “you have to walk that mile in another man’s boots to truly know what it’s about!”

Not to mention it just makes life SO much more interesting sometimes!

Anyway, for your hardcore femdom lovers, worry NOT.

I have NOT written much about these experiences in my books.

IN fact I’ve NOT written about them at all, hehe.

And HERE is where you can grab some of my bestselling “hot as cake and right off the presses” books on Chinese femdom.

Have at!


Mike Watson

PS – Have you checked out my ONE SOLE (pun intended!) book on female domination from a DIFFERENT Standpoint? Do so right here my friend – Her Brown Slut.

Let me know if this dynamic appeals to you, and I’ll get around dto finishing the series. Madam Angela is still very fresh in my mind!! ? And my full balls, of course! ?

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