What perfect Madam Sophia (BAI! Boy!!) saved (and made private) on her Wechat moments …

Yes, it’s her!

(and yes, we are FINALLY BACK ONLINE! Hooray! Paye Lagu, Madam! ;)).

Her, of th eso called ugly feet …

Her of the lovely orange sweater and look in the eye that HOOKED ME!

“Morning, boy!” I still remember her telling me the day after we met (and the first day we did not chat at all, hehe).

And her eyes. That vibe. Everything. She was one of those ladies that HIT you straight between the eyes in terms of a dominant vibe, and its no wonder that I devoted an entire series to her and the possibly (I know, I know, how dare I – I can feel her smash my balls in for even thinking it! ;)) gorgeous Perfect Cuckoldress (Madam!) Su!

Both so lovely, both so ravishing …

And I miss Sophia Bai.

I dont know why, but I thought of her today. And the conversations we had.

(well, actually I DO, but I will let it slide)

(I also know why I’ve dreaming of COCKS and web hosting services last night, and I won’t let that slide – pun intended, or maybe not – either across my face or otherwise!!).

It’s been a week sinc ethe site was down, but we’ll get it up shortly.

Much like my mouth would …

Ah, but we’ll get to that.

“Madam, you’re so perfect! Madam, you should find a husband that is like an ATM For you, gives you all the money you need, and asks you to control it, and is happy with it!”

“Who presses your feet at night, does the housework, cleans the dishes …”

And I trailed off, but thats the gist.

She saved it on her moments but made it private for obvious reasons.

One of many special moments I shared with her, and I’ve detailed many more in the book.

For now, it’s the parting “Go away, boy!” with a huge grin I remember …

While I often say Pearl was the best findomina ever, Sophia was NOT far behind! 😉

Thats another tale of course.

But for now, I remember cocks. Those lovely satiny smooth SHINY COCKS.

That wasn’t mentioned on Sophia’s moments, but as the lovely Goddess 7 sent me a video of a massaive black cock doing what it does best and giggling about “he’s so bad!” (guy or gal or whoever that sent it ) … I know she noticed the cock.

But there was one thing missing in that video.

No blowjob for that lovely cock. And SHE was being pleasured, and how, in all her holes!

Thats what 7 likes.

Madam once told me this when I asked her if she blew her husband

“No way! Eww! Thats disgusting Mike!!”

I wrote about that before of course! 😉

But what I’d love to do is me suck his cock, while she does what she does best. Be pleasured and smooch him.

Hey, best of both worlds.

HE doesnt seem like much of a “real man” and probably doesn’t have a large cock.

But he’d love my lips wrapped around his lovely cock, and he’d probably moan in pleasure as he kissed her, and she would too, free from the “unwritten obligation that a lot of girls have in this regard” and knowing he was being pleasured, and he’d pleasure HER!

And knowing she had a sissy right ther eto do her bidding, and his!

God, I love cock so much. Should I say Goddess? 😉

OR anything in between;)?

And I’ll finish off with this – A true Cuck’s place is always between a man’s legs!

I still remember Jerome’s perfect CURVED cock.

Hitting me in all the right spots in my throat making me gag. And as for when I had the honor of lubing that magnificent tool and sliding it in?/

Well, let’s just my mangine twitches at the very thought!

Mangina I should say. I prefer sissy gina! 😉 I’m not a man .. or am I? 😉

Who knows, but while Sophia sure did not put that on her moments she should.

She’s married too now in case you didnt know.

And … well, you can guess the rest.

I’m off (finally). Back soon!

Best ,

Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the Sophia Bai series right HERE.

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