Why UNDERSTATED confidence is such a huge turn for me!

As I talk more to perfect Goddess “7” that I wrote about yesterday, something stands out.

Big time.

The SAME thing that does with all the other ladies I’ve been oh so fortunate to be with (or server or both!).

That being, their CONFIDENCE.

It could be outgoing exuberant confidence (Madam Carrie, for one! Or Madam SU. ?).

Or it could be “innate” confidence (think Ms. Priyanka and Sophia Bai!)

(Lots of links above, I know, but check ‘em out – all very very worth it for you erotica lovers (femdom erotica!)).

And what has REALLY REALLY done it for me?

Why do I keep saying it’s about the mind and not age (well, one MORE reason)?

Is UNDERSTATED confidence!

Madam Susan is one perfect Example of this, my friend.

She and I hardly chat these days (although the memories of our “beach days” is still there, very prominently at the back of my mind. After all, that is where I learned to finally talk to her soles, and ONLY her soles!! ?).

But one look at her, and memories flood back.

And so do messages.

Both voice and text.

And usually all from my side!

“You really admire me so much!”

That’s what she said the last time, and as for perfect Goddess 7?

“You really flatter me so much!”

Followed by several “laughing” emoticons. One with a guy drinking a beer with feet up! ?

And while Madam doesn’t drink beer, the meaning is very clear.

She’s so confident. Even more so since she got married, got the guy’s MONEY (as she should! ?) and then had a kid, had some problems in her marriage which caused her to adapt.

And cHinese gals are the best at adapting, and she did, and how!

She’s an even more confident version of the 7 I met two years ago.

And she’s GORGEOUSLY COMMANDING if that makes sense and it’s understated “black mamba” like confidence!

She can strike anytime she WANTS.

Not need! WANTS!

She can “kill with her mind”!

And she knows very well she has yet another option in front of me, salivating and begging to be used and abused (and to an extent she has already but I’ll write on that later! ?).

And it’s all understated with perfect POISE and precision – the “blustering” you see going on so often these days is an utter TURN OFF for me in most regards when I see it (unless it’s really TRUE which is a different case, and in that case it is not bluster! ?).

And so it goes.

She’s a Goddess, and she deserves the best.

“Can I kneel before you, Madam?”

Well – I already HAVE in a way before – but again – stay tuned for that one!


Mike Watson

PS – DO check out our tales of Chinese femdom. Even those of you that are here just for “freebies” will NEVER regret the investment you make in Watson novels (just ask our Watson faithful members! ?).

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