MY SO’s GODDESS like soles, and the fever I seem to have picked up, and …

No! It’s NOT Yellow fever, hehe.

And certainly not cock fever either.

Perhaps it’s the fever that comes from regular releases, but NO real orgasms and the sustained LUST that has caused me to put out record amounts of writing as of late.

I haven’t even been working out as of late as I normally do (and what I credit for for my writing sprees and the energy behind it!).

Pure sexual energy at work, and be it nice large (and long, Jerome like! ?) BLACK COCKS and black GODS, or Goddesses (Chinese Goddesses, Asian Goddesses, all Goddesses) I seem to be attracting it to me!

On auto-pilot as I like to say, hehe.

I COULD of course “Switch roles” here and “pimp” my book on that as opposed to pimp myself!


On that note, I saw a meme recently on “feminized men should be prostituted”.

And they should. And I’ll probably do up another post on it soon!

But for now … My fever has been there for a few days. I’m not the type to depend much on medicine if at all, and even when I do get the flu and/or get sick, I usually let my body flush out the toxins itself.


OK, I won’t EVEN go there!

But anyway, it’s day #4 of feeling somewhat under the weather, and you wouldn’t know it from my posts would you?

So I figured I’d take a look at the medicine cabinet, and unfortunately the paracetamol we have has exprired.

“Take some medicine, boy!” I remember the voice of my SO booming out.

“No, I … “

“Don’t argue!”

“Well, I … “

“I’m saying you need rest and medicine, boy!”

“have you have enough of my lectures asyet …. BOY!”

Well,well, well.

A “yes ma’am” was what my chastened self could say before my “Rest” and the medicine cabinet.

Since the medicine had expired, she said she’d go out and buy some! ?

OK …

But she’s sitting on the bed.

Legs crossed.

FEET crossed, those sexy semi-long soles staring at me, as are her bare arms and shoulderS!!!

A short while ago we were discussing soaps.

And which one suited her the best, and apparently the one we used last didn’t suit her.

“Hmmph! Get the other one! This one doesn’t work well for my beautiful skin! It makes it blacker!”

(she meant “darker”!).

Well, I don’t see any evidence of that.

But (and I have my repeated sissygasms to thank for this) my loins quivered and are quivering big time now!

After seeing her soles, and ALL I want to do right now is drop down and worship them.

Damn the medicine! ? The best meds I need is right there in front of me – her lovely soleS!

And being her footboy! And cuck! And sissy!

And on that note, I think I’m out for now. Back later – but is that true femdom LOVE?

I think so, but I’ll let YOU DECIDE! ?


Mike Watson

PS – Let me know how you like our tales of Indian femdom, some of the most scintillating ever! ?

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