Giving Su Ma’am a foot massage after sex…

… was so NICE!

If not the role reversal, just doing it for her was so nice!

We all remember the scene we saw in “that” movie where the male lead had sex, then he’s flat on his back comfortably smoking a cigarette while the woman massages his feet…


The girls in Sin City Diaries were “supposed” do a lot of that – some of them did, some not – Madam Aa Ling – remember her, I wrote about her yesterday?

Anyway, I love older ladies! So Dominating a lot of them, so … I dont know, CONFIDENT!

That confidence turns me on, as it did with a certain Madam Su, who messaged me in 2016 out of the blue in China – while I was returning home after teaching Tracy English or something.

I still remember, that girl sitting on the beach, sunglasses, that was her avatar…

Angel, a lovely lady I speak to sometimes often posts pictures of herself, and her friends on wechat – all make me LEAK, they’re so gorgeous!

And like Madam Jojo – she’s a lawyer. Hehe. Always sexy!

But there’s ONE friend she has, an older lady, those eyes give it away, that long hair- oh – MY!

She might as well be Madam Su, she’s so DOMINATING!

And I told Angel about her.

Older ladies. Hehe. There’s another one, just like Su, sometimes pensive, always bratty, confident and dominating on the login page of this site……

Anyway – giving her a foot massage after sex – or making her a sammich – all so SEXY, if just for the role reversal!

And Su Ma’am did it better than most!

As evidenced in the bestselling book Sophia Bai, the SEX – and her lovers – were awesome, especially a certain Jerome with that thick hose like DONG of his!

It was so lovely!

He pleased her so well that Su Ma’am would often giggle helplessly after sex – like MEN do after an earth shattering orgasm! 

And she sometimes smoked, often after sex, and lying there (he would be drinking a beer – he wasn’t a smoker) with her lover, laughing away – she’d just extend her foot, and Id drop down and massage – BEFORE licking her furiously over and over again to another orgasm!

Madam Pearl often enjoyed this too after coming back from her dates with other men – I’d rub her back, her shoulders, all of it, as I could smell SEX coming off her – but Su, Madam Su, perfect Madam Su the lady who famously the first time she met me in Shenzhen China had a “back up guy” just in case “she didnt like me” (this after she told me impatiently on wechat when I wanted to get her know her more “we already know each other!” – all Madam wanted to know was this – “you can NEVER have another woman, but I can have other men!” – I’ve spoken so much about that, hehe – right off the bat, that was so NICE she told me that!) ……… Madam Su did it much better!

She’d even tease and make faces at me, flexing her soles in a “goon, boy!” manner – all inhibition long gone, she’d – as she said not just “try it” (that was said when she told me to massage her legs as she watched movies “you can clean the house, wash my clothes – just dont tear them, for Gods sake – and massage my legs!”) …. and I’d massage her feet like a woman as the real woman relaxed, confident pleased and satisfied!

The best part of all this?

Wasn’t so much the sex – for me – I could never satisfy her in bed, hehe. She had me pegged right from day ONE!

I still remember that ex of mine – the same one who kept talking about why “slim guys had the biggest dicks” (when I was FAT) – telling me about the “two joys you should experience at least once” – one being a cigarette after sex, and the other, well, she didnt explicitly mention the foot massage after sex, but she might well have! Hehe. 

And letting Su experience BOTH – both from a woman perspective and a MAN’s perspective – was SO NICE!

So NICE to serve women – and Madam Su, there is SO much more I did with her that I have not detailed in Sophia Bai – or the sequels to it.

Maybe I will someday.

Maybe I’ll tell you how I timidly asked her if she liked darker brigher nailpolish (Su Ma’am had long feet, she preferred light silver as a nailpolish usually) … how I painted her toes and made her look pretty before her dates, and so forth …

I’ll tell you a lot more too, but for now, it’s OFF with me.

Back soon!

But, this is a memory for the ages, one that hit me as soon as I woke up, so I’m sharing it with you – NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the books above, you’ll love ’em.

PS #2 – Something I keep talking about, something I keep saying in Cuck Central and many of my other courses – for GUYS – that want to be cuckolded – GET OVER your jealousies first, my friend. Way too many relationships have been ruined due to this, and I get it – fantasy is one thing, reality is another – but once you get HER into it – remember – if you do it right she will love YOU more for it – but you have to reciprocate!

Either do it all the way or not at all, that is how I’ve always approached and patience is KEY.

Anyway – to learn how to approach – and integrate the joys of cuckolding into your life – pick up Cuck Central now – and from a sexual “hot” steaming hot perspective? Cuckold Compilations will HIT the spot – hehe. Until the next Volume comes out, that is!

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