Master Jerome, how he “did it”, my favorite pose, and why I want to be a CUCK and SISSY!

And lets start with the last question first!

A lot of people have had questions, and NOT because I started spicyanderoticfetish (or not, should I say, “since” I started the site, wrote all those books in a LUST fueled frenzy (believe me, 20000 plus words a day?? Not easy!)) …

I mean, why, Mike?

Why would an “alpha” like you (remember what I said – the most “outwardly” alpha of men and women have desires deep down inside of them that might well shock you! ?) want to “give over his woman” (or many women, as some have said, and they’re right!) to another man?

Why would you NOT have to have sex? And so forth …

I still remember what my ex told me all those years ago …

Honey, just why do you want a woman to be a complete BITCH to you?

This was the same lady that asked me to go to counseling, for those that remember …

And those that are keeping track, and many on this list are! ?

Well, because of … or NOT because of, I should say (and this is a very common misconception) “I couldn’t do it”.

Hey, I’ve written about this before in Cuck Central I believe.

NOT all cucks have small cocks and you’d be surprised at the number that have LARGE thick cocks! ?

It’s about the mindset, boy! Again, femdom, BDSM, cuckoldry etc … its all really about the MINDSET which gets things going and keeps them going, and the body (or body parts!) come SECOND, a distant second.

I wrote about how I could easily submit to a 70 year old “grandma” and have in the past (reference Madam Aa Ling for most on that!).

And while cocks are cocks, and they’re ALL Sexy to me, it’s the OWNER of the cock that really matters, and his words, his thoughts!!

Same thing for femdom, my friend.

And any sort of BDSM done right. And any sort of relationship in the real world as well! And that’s why I keep emphasizing the MENTAL side of things in my book on Attracting the Dominant female of your dreams to you (Ok, you may think it’s tailored towards ladies from the Chinese mainland, but truth is it will work for YOU in any situation!).

Because that’s what really matters.

So it isn’t that I can’t fuck Madam Su that way.

It’s more I don’t WANT TO! ?

And it’s more about (and this is very true) about HER sexual desires not being met if I don’t “do it regularly”.

I mean, women need sex my friend. Just like us sissies need repeated sex, a stud to fuck us until we literally start to “weep with sheer BLISS AND PLEASURE, that beautiful P spot of ours SO sensitive” … well, the same thing applies to women and the G spot!

And there is nothing wrong with her getting her thang on elsewhere, so long as the boundaries of the relationship (s) are SET – and RESPECTED (second is most important).

All parties involved need to be adults, and professional and RESPECTFUL about all of this. Sure, the humiliation is a turn on, but remember that thin line between fantasy and reality even when you’re deep in “lust” with his lovely cock for one! (and his balls hitting Madam SO invitingly) …

Anyway, Jerome, you ask?

(Oh, and I haven’t even gotten into the benefits of NOT having sex, and then using that “pent up energy” for other purposes. Even if I wasn’t into femdom, I’d be following Napoleon Hill’s advice on sexual transmutation, which admittedly he didn’t really do a great job of explaining to the layman, but then again, the book wasn’t written for laymen!).

It was written for DOERS, and every DOER, every REAL creative person, every successful person (true success) in ANY endavor has USED This energy at some point or the other!

I’ve written about the hows before, of course, but it should be obvious to be honest.

Anyway, Jermome …

He’s really “splash” into her!

While Su wasn’t the type to SQUIRT, she would if she was really, really horny, and often times he’d keep plunging into her AS she squirted!

He wasn’t in great shape. I worshipped that ass and his asshole a LOT as he kept plunging in and out of her for hours (or so it seemed). I licked INSIDE of it. I did my best to reach his P spot with my tongue!

And he loved it, but his favorite was when I licked under his balls and up to his ass crack, and the combination of smells (he’s rarely shower first) and AROMAS from him was SO noxious, I’d often leak and cum right there and then just from a few licks, and it would continue!

You fans of the Sophia Bai series and Madam Carries series know what I did with the cum! Not to mention Perfect Goddess Priyanka all those years ago in the Indian Goddess series … and my FIRST two black cocks that she and Katherine made me take, unknowingly, and yes it was painful the first time, but it set the tone!

Things happen for a reason, my friend.

And if you’re truly comfortable with who you are DEEP down inside, then …

As for my favorite position?

Well, Master Jerome BALLS DEEP.

Him pissing on me (especially after a few beers! ?). That beautiful piss coming out of his LOVELY, “shaven” cock head … that long shaft so PROUD, so GLEAMY …

In his lovely pristine asshole when he fucked her, his ass cheeks “scrunching” my tongue with every furious thrust (he wasn’t in great shape, yes, but he was horny, I’ll say that!).

His balls, and his soles as he lay there spent on his back before he left …

And more, many more, and of course anything to do with his cock and balls! Much like the set of cock and balls I requoted on Twitter, I believe this morning …

And that’s what true cuckoldry is all about, being comfortable with it, and why I Do it!

Last, but not least, did I need to “convince” Madam Su about all this, despite her very OPEN and repeated insistence that “if I didn’t satisfy her, she’d find other men!”

(I’m thinking about that bobbing cock now!) ?

Well, you might be surprised at the answer

(and how did she know I wouldn’t please her? Outwardly, there is no way. VIBES my friend, and that’s why I keep emphasizing the mental aspect and we first met when we were  in different CITIES!!!!!!!).

She wanted the best of both worlds and so she SHOULD. Men do, so why not WOMEN?

But yes, I did have to convince her anyway, and I’ve written about that in Cuck Central, easily one of the MOST popular courses around here my friend.

Grab it now – true cucks and sissies will love it!


Mike Watson

PS – Don’t forget to check out Cuckold Compilations while you’re at it! True stories all …

PS #2 – Did I answer all those questions the title posed? I think so – let me know! ?

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