Kinder-nuts VS … well, CHIMP-o-nuts and GIGANTIC Nuts!!!

Well, well, well.

I’m still (or my head still is) SPINNING with LUST, pure, unbridled and obvious very unfulfilled (as always!) lust a for a certain Indian Actress named Katrina Kaif.

She’s just so perfect!

Even though all I’ve seen of her is ONE song, but that look in the eye and that demanor is ALL I need to know!

Western mixed with Asian.

The perfect blend eh. And as I’m sure her scores of fans would no doubt chime in, hell yes – she’s so worth it!

And … point being?

Well, what I once heard when teaching ESL in China (ugh, that was a job I did very sparingly because I hated it to the exact extreme!!).

And what was that?

Well, some of those classes had interactive boards.

And I think we were doing space exploration once, and one of the little ones chimed up.

“chimpo -naut!”

What did she mean

Well, I think what she meant was a chimpanzee who is also an astronaut!

Getting them to pronounce the “s” was a battle, hehe.

As it is getting them to pronounce the “L” in my name – – YES, I’m NOT kidding! ?

And that sparked sexy images indeed.

Boy, look at those kinder nuts of yours, the regal and imperious Madam Susan once said, while sitting around with Madam Carrie (remember her? In all the praise I’ve showered on regal Madam Susan, sometimes I seem to forget the very young lady that introduced me to her in the first place, and how!).

And how I enjoyed it, and how she HUMILIATED me (Actually, both did, but Madam Carrie had her own unique and sexy brand to be honest).

“Holle, boy!”

I still remember it, hehe.

And in terms of humiliation.

Nuts like a kindergarten kid, boy!

And the other extreme, of course, for you cucks out there.

Look at the balls on my MAN, boy!

The balls of a true STUD!

Those GIGANTIC hairy balls that plunge up against men in a manner you never could!!!

(men, you ask? Well, unfortunately yours truly is a man too. Albeit sissified).

And on that note, I think I’m going to go worship some lovely dangling and HAIRY (as opposed to mine?) nuts!

Hey, they deserve to be. I’m out – back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can read about sizzling hot tales of CUCKOLDRY done from a “m on m” standpoint yes, but with TONS of femdom involves. Truly the best of both worlds …. BOY! ?

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