I had to eat Madam’s leftovers – literally!

True, at least I didnt gorge on her royal waste… Hehe.

But my significant other, you know, the one that want a new guy (wheres that idiot Bozo chap my fitness friend talks about when we NEED HIM, hehe) … the one that wants both new cucks and studs?

Well, she just finished lunch.

She put her bowl away (wow, I thought!).

And left, of course, FIVE things.

Five pieces of food she had spat out on the table.

Yours truly wasn’t in the fetish mood then, so I figured she’d clean it up later. She said she would when I asked her. Hehe.

How dare you, boy, I can hear the ladies saying!

You’d be right, how dare I!

And … despite saying she would clean it up, she never did.

And, I was eating – with that in front of me on the table.

Now, admittedly, Chinese often do this – either on their own plate or elsewhere. “spitting food out” is a nasty habit the Chinese have, but whats nasty of us (i.e. food spat out right inf ront of you while you’re eating in the most gross manner possible?) … is not for them.

“It’s in our culture”, they say.

Which true, it seems to be…

But the entitlement and the mentality i.e. the poor “serf” waitress (and I often wonder, what do these ladies go through! Maids and sex workers, one thing, but those ladies! REally, Glyn Schofield you’re sorely needed in kitchens in China restaurants, it would not only be your dream come true scrubbing, washing, washing again… but the girls would be happy to hand it all to you, and smack you behind the ears too. Hehe. As you so love!

Come to think of it, nah.

I dont want the joints to go out of biz – I love china, I would never want a pestilence like the Bozo inflicted upon them).

… but anyway, the entitlement.

My S.O. Has this too.

I made to pick it up.

Then I paused.

Picked it up.

Thanked it, all five pieces…

… and I ate it!

And I feel so happy and hornier than every now!

From someone that worships Madam’s spit, that is NOT something new!

But, this is different, in real life, so damned entitled, the perfect Brat!

And they’re all so nice.

Paye LAgu, Madam Ji!

You’re truly worth it!


Mike Watson

PS – Alexa must be tittering reading this, hehe. I haven’t written a book about her though – but I will soon – but my tales of chinese femdom that have all been penned, a heck of a lot of them? Ya’l will love it!

PPS – And as for subconscious programming that makes you do such gross things, yet enjoy it?

And – in the process – attract true and LASTING – ever lasting femdom to you – lets face, you ALL want it, in your life, hehe.

Well, simply imbibe and follow the tricks in my bestselling book on it like they were gospel.

Live ’em, breathe ’em.


You’ll see what I mean soon enough!

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