A TRUE soulmate’s duties!

Men that also give her money, I should say! 😉

You know, money is of paramount importance!

As this PERFECT GODDE so sagely said . . .

Every girl wants to make MONEY, BOY!

Well, well well!

I’ve been chatting with perfect Princess (Goddess!!) Christina as of late, a lady that added me on WeChat a while ago.

Last year actually, pre COVID and all . . .

And she, much like Madam Susan, is so perfect, such a GODDESS INCARNATE, I just want to drop down and kiss her shoes every time I see her! I did ask her today what shoes she was wearing, and her response.

Don’t worry about what shoes I’m wearing, bitch!” 

Anyway ,back to the “flashback”. Whew!!!!!

Married, of course. With two kids! ?

And of course, I could sense the dominant vibe the minute she added me and then “forgot” about me (much like with the regal Madam Angie who said she did the same, and “waited for me to reply”).

Angie was a lot older than Christina, of course.

She was  40 plus, and she was every bit a Goddess as Christina is, but more experienced.

And what Madam said to me (after barraging me with pictures of herself, sexy pictures of course!) was . . . . BUSINESS!

She wanted me to start an English learning center with her.

We’d be equal partners, she said.

Of course, I’d teach, make the lesson plans (notwithstanding the fact that Mike Watson ABHORS and does NOT DO ESL) . . . and of course, put down most of the money for it.

“We need to do this together, Christina”, I still remember telling her.

“You need to come in on the weekends, do equal work etc . . . “

No response.

Christina, I asked.

“I’ll come in when I’ve got time on the weekends!” she said haughtily before flouncing off.

“Christina, let’s make the start date next July”, I remember telling her.

“Date?? No dating!” was her response. Apparently this regal lady thought I wanted to date her, and of course, I didn’t, but SHE didn’t know that! ?

And there’s more, of course, including when she called me a “loser with no money and skills” . . . .


A true Goddess that added me for one thing and one thing only. FINANCIAL gain.

As I praised her up and down today and indeed lavished praise on Madam as she SO DESERVES, she had this to say.

“I want to voice with you, boy!”

And instead of typing, she sent voice messages. Tons of them.

Ostensibly because it’s easier for her to keep up.

But really so she can practice her English.


And as she keeps telling me.

“Every girl needs to make money, boy!”

“of course you can’t date me! I’m married!”

(Remember Princess Sophia, who was even younger and even more gorgeous, and sai dth esame thing!)

And though I tried explaining to her up and down that was FINE with me, she didn’t seem to understand.

I even asked Madam Carol, that regal lady with the most beautiful feet in Southern China for her advice on this.

WE’ll see what she says, but for now, . . . here was my response.

“Madam, of course I can’t date you! Im jst your soulmate! To benefit you, and perform girly tasks like doing the housework, cooking, CLEANING (definitely!;)), helping you make money and pressing your feet, and more!”

And as Christina replied to me.

“Yes, every girl wants friends with benefits, boy!”

Except it ain’t the benefit the average man would think  . . . BOY!

But for a cuck and sissy like yours truly, it work just fine!

And so it will work for YOU too my friend, if you just train yourself the right way to attract women – nigh on dominant ladies like you’ve never met before to you on AUTO PILOT!

Here is the course on how to do it – A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland.

Do so NOW, my friend. You’ll never regret it!


Mike Watson

PS – Also, and don’t forget to pick up the DEFINITIVE course on CUCKOLDRY right here – Cuck Central.

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