More on PERFECT (nigh on so!) GODDESS Christina, and my soulmate like CUCK duties!

Oh . . . MY . . . GOD!

I cannot stop my fingers from trembling.

I typed out so many messages to this Goddess, and then the email to you, but I just cant stop shivering with pure lust – UNFULFILED LUST, which is the most important!

She is just such a Goddess, so commanding, such a Queen that knows men are good for one thing, and exist for ONE Reason – to be USED – and ABUSED – by WOMEN!

She knows women rule!

And as I imagine her flopping into her sofa at home, one foot up (without her taking her shoes off), that CANVAS sole idly staring STRAIGHT at me, I have to say thi s- Goddess, she’s just so perfect!

To the Goddesses reading this, because regardless of your looks and age, and what not, or feet, or legs, it’s your gender that makes you PERFECT!

And so damn perfect at that.

Anyway, my duties?

Offer Madam Christina a drink – have it WAITING for her as soon as she arrives home from work, boy!

Along with dinner, of course. Sea food, aka the lovely Pearl!


Don’t even ask her to think about doing ‘em, but you better make sure YOU wash them for her first!

(the cucks, that is! ?).

And laundry, of course. And of course, shine her shoes repeatedly at night, and press her legs as she drifts into a comfortable sleep, talking to her “many male friends”, completely ignoring me at her soles.

As she told me today.

“Yes, you’re right! I have many male friends.”

. . . and then as an afterthought, she giggled.

“Just accquaitances! I don’t really meet them, and haven’t ever met most!”

Another giggle, as she told me about some Indian guy who apparently runs after her every day, saying Good morning, but (nothing else apparently!) .  .   . and for us, it was of course months between our last chat as I told her.

“Why you not busy, boy!”

“Madam, I’m never too busy for you!”

“I think you’re bored! “ Giggle, giggle.

And then . . .

“No, he’s bored” (the Indian “friend” she’s referring to).

And therein lies another FREE Tip on attracting dominant ladies, and ladies in general, boy!

BE interesting!

And . . .

“I like talking to you, Mike”, Madam giggled. “You make me laugh a lot!”

And . . . as she sits there, back to duties.

Fetch her the news paper.

Hand her the day’s MONEY!

(Yes, sales from this site too! ?).

And everything else her heart desires.

She’s just so perfect, and that middle finger makes me want to drop down “dead” if you get my drift!

Paye Lagu, Perfect Madam Christina. I love your dominance so much!


Mike Watson

PS – GO ahead and buy some of our books on Chinese femdom, and I’ll post PROOF that Madam is the one getting the money, with NO Effort on her royal self, as she spends it on her husband, and I”watch” and “salivate”, and she denigrates me, and a. . . . ah, but you know the rest!

PS #2 – Also, don’t forget to stop by Cuck Central while you’re at it – and yes, this is both for you ladies and guys out there!

I Can’t stop my fingers from TREMBLING !!!!!!!!!!!!

And my heart from THUMPING!!

PPS –  I was going to end this here, but . . . I cn’t stop!

Joota Lagu, Memsahib . . . JI!

Paye Lagu . . . Memsahib JI!!I better hit “post” before I continue on for forever!!!!

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